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What Will the March Event from Apple Reveal?

What Will the March Event from Apple Reveal?

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    Mar 21, 2016   Author : admin

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It has been confirmed that Apple will be holding an event tomorrow, with plenty of rumours flying around concerning what will be covered on the day.

One of the new products that many people are expecting to see is a smaller iPhone. The name that has rumoured for this gadget is the iPhone SE. According to some sites, this will have a 4 inch screen and smooth curved glass sides. 

The iPhone SE could also come with an improved camera and Apple Pay NFC technology. The front camera is rumoured to offer 12MP, with the rear camera possibly being a 5MP model. Those commentators who have been bold enough to suggest what colours we can expect say that there could be models in the usual colours of gold, rose gold, silver and space grey.

With this event taking place in a few hours, it is something of a surprise to see that the new iPhone is being touted for a 25th of March release. The cost could be somewhere between £300 and maybe £400, making it cheaper than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. 

Attract New Customers or Diminish the Brand?

If these rumours are all true then this will mean that the new phone could be of great interest to those who feel that £539 for the iPhone 6s is too steep a price. The smaller iPhone could fit into the sort of price bracket that attracts new customers to the Apple brand and could help them move into those developing markets where spending power is lower. 

On the other hand, the lack of significant changes from older models could start to work against Apple.  Could we be reaching the stage in which there are just too many iPhones on the market? The appeal of this brand has always been a sort of luxuriousness and exclusiveness that a budget model could possibly erode. This launch certainly sounds like it could be a big risk for the tech giant in that respect.  

Images: KLGadgetGuy, TheVerge | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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