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What happens to your body when you drink less water in winters?

What happens to your body when you drink less water in winters?

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    Jan 06, 2017   Author : admin

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Most people think that water is only required to quench thirst. According to this belief, you feel thirsty in summers and need to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. In the winters though, you don’t feel like drinking water, but does that mean your body is sufficiently hydrated? The answer is NO! You can actually get dehydrated in winters too. Strange, isn’t it? We must keep our body hydrated in winters too just like any other time. We have often heard that a person can stay without food for some time but one cannot stay without water for long!

Thirst is just one of the signals that your body needs more fluids but there are so many other signs that you just can’t miss!

1. Dry skin – Have you noticed that your skin becomes dry and flaky due to exposure to the wind and cold conditions? If you don’t drink enough water, even your lips become chapped. Indoor heaters add to the harsh weather and make the skin shriveled.

2. Chances of getting allergies in winter – When your body becomes dehydrated in winters, your body becomes really vulnerable and you can catch flu more easily, so watch out! Many people experience various allergies in the winters, such as dry cough, excess sneezing and most of us attribute it to the dry wind and cold conditions. This is actually a result of being poorly hydrated. 

3. Lack of water affects your immune system – Your immune system is also affected if you drink less water. Insufficient water dries out the mucous membranes of the lungs, sinus passages, the gut and this decreases the resistance to diseases. 

4. Obstruction in the proper functioning of the body – You know what? Approximately 75% of your body is composed of water. Your body needs water for the successful functioning of various organs of the body. Water is needed to aid in digestion; eliminate the toxins from the body and also to reduce constipation. It acts as a lubricant and helps to maintain the pH balance of the body. 

5. Water loss due to chemical reactions - You lose water in the form of urine, sweat and saliva, so you need to get all that water back. Sweat is composed of water and other salts of the body. Many people think that they don’t sweat in winters but actually they do! It’s just that the sweat evaporates very fast during the winters and we don’t realize that water has been lost.

Water is the best beverage you can have, be it any season, any time of the day. Although you might like to have aerated drinks and sweetened artificial fruit juices, but these can’t replace water nor provide the various health benefits water can. 

Now that you know how important water is, for your system, make it a point to drink plenty of water. Doctors recommend drinking at least 2 Oz of water every day. Keeping a bottle of water handy is a great idea. Most of us find it difficult to get up from a comfortable position and grab a glass of water in the winters! You might like to add a little flavor to water to make it more palatable. For instance, you can add some lemon juice to water or consume some fresh fruit juices to supply your body with adequate amount of fluids.

MYC Writer: Priyanka Ajmani

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