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What Gym Supplements Are Right For You?

What Gym Supplements Are Right For You?

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    Sep 12, 2015   Author : admin

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Have you ever wondered if you need to take supplements to help you maximize the results in the gym? Well, we bet you have. 

Everyone who goes to the gym raises a question: to take or not to take supplements? And there isn’t a clear answer among sport gurus: some say it’s best if you take supplements, some advise you to wait a little.

We often see a situation when gym beginners go to the gym for about a month, and then they start asking experienced gym goers whether they should or shouldn’t take supplements. In most cases, the beginners are told that they should take protein, amino acids, vitamins, BCAAs, CAAs, EAAs, NAAs and many other things.

Nutrition experts and gym trainers agree that it’s best to take supplements after 3-4 months of regular workouts, when your body has adapted to the new diet and lifestyle.

If you ask experienced gym goers, they would tell you that every beginner should first pay attention to other factors such as diet, and only then worry about taking supplements. 


Where to start?

First of all, before considering taking supplements, gym beginners must change their natural diet, making it as beneficial as possible. Because it won’t do much if you drink protein shake and then later eat a cupcake. It would only be a waste of money and time.

 Switching to a healthy diet is not an easy task, as it might seem at first. Although a healthy diet of those going to the gym doesn’t mean starving, it may be difficult to say no to all unhealthy products at once. Which is why nutrition experts advise to do it gradually to not overstress the body.

At the first stage, you must cut all unhealthy products out from your diet (chips, canned food, sausages, processed food, sweets, pastry and others). If you have a sweet tooth, do not cut sweets out of your diet all at once: leave a little bit of dark chocolate with at least 75% of cocoa beans for lunch or as a snack. At this stage, eat usual healthy food and replace all dairy products with fat-free dairy.

At the second stage, you have to switch to brown rice instead of other side dishes and limit the intake of potatoes by replacing it with other vegetables. Eat meat or poultry meat every day. Also, it is essential to eat five meals a day, thus eating not much but frequently. 

At the third stage, switch to light meat that will be either boiled, baked or grilled. Doesn’t sound delicious? Well, it depends on how you cook it. So go find fancy recipes and enjoy this deliciousness. As for the red meat, you can leave beef in your diet, while pork must be avoided. 

So what about the supplements? When should you start taking them?

A rule of thumb shows that supplements are not necessary for everybody, as some people can develop muscles from solely eating natural products rich in protein, while other people cannot get enough natural protein sources into their diet.

By combining workouts and a healthy diet rich in protein, you will see the first results within the first month, and then you can decide whether to take or not to take supplements. The key to success is patience.


Images:, VIGBRASTLE; Giphy | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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