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WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (May 31 - June 6, 2015)

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (May 31 - June 6, 2015)

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We are still on the Mercury retrograde this week, so you may discover that people are quite distracted or are in a bad mood most of the time. It is best to remember to remain calm and just wait things out until this phase is over.


(March 21 - April 19)

It is time for a detox, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Take the risk to fall in love.

This is the best time to speak up and make that change. Although you will be extra moody and temperamental this week, your brutal honesty may just make your relationships more or less good. The people who matter would take your words to heart and realize that you are right. You will also feel motivated to improve your health by eating right and taking up a new exercise regimen. Only be sure to stick to the plan and don’t quit. As for love, it’s time for you to take some risks and maybe then you will see the kind of love you are looking for.


(April 20 - May 20)

First, focus on what matters most. If you're constantly in a rush you might just miss out on some precious moments.

Your mind may seem like it's on fast forward. Slow down, take a breath and unwind. Love is in the air for you Taurus so takes time off of your busy schedule to meet new people, laugh a little and play a little. There is also a chance of a love affair or a new romantic connection. But of course take it slow and focus on what truly is important to you. You have been working hard for the past few weeks and you deserve a break. But there is such a thing as too much fun. Just take things in moderation and you will be ok.


(May 21 - June 20)

This is the moment of new beginnings for you. It is also a time for you to shine your brightest and inspire others.

The stars are in your favour Gemini. This is the time to push through with some of your long delayed plans. This is also the time to speak up and share your ideas at work. It is also a good time to go for that dream job or project because you would most probably succeed at this time. You will feel appreciation as your influence helps improve others around you. The flow of success may be too overpowering.. Take refuge in a romantic rendezvous or have fun meeting new people. This will help you cope with a sudden change in your life.


(June 21 - July 22)

Strong desires and emotional conflicts will overcome you. Be in control and get your head out of the clouds.

You will be inspired and motivated to set off a new creative project with someone. Although this move may not work out exactly the way you would want it to, but there is a good reason why things happen that way. This is also a good time to resolve any ugly issues hanging over your head. Let go of anything you do not want to be part of your life anymore and make that much needed change. In love, you will experience a very strong attraction or desire for someone. It may feel like love is driving you crazy but just try to keep it together. It’s most likely just your fertility going wild.


(July 23 - August 22)

You'd better believe it. Something good is bound to fall on your lap. All you need to do is reach out and take it.

It is in your nature to be so helpful and selfless.  But this is the time you should consider saying no when someone asks for a favour. This time of the month, you should concentrate on improving yourself because opportunities are wide open for you. Take some time to reconnect with your old friends.  Someone from your past will hold the key to your new dream job or will pave the path to finding romance and maybe even love. Somebody from a distant land will take interest in you, so turn on the charm.

(August 23 - September 22)

It is now time to take action. All your great ideas will start to materialize once you decide to make the steps to achieve them.

Get out your list of ideas and start picking out the ones that look like gold to you. This is the best time to initiate planning and making your vision into a reality. In business, be flexible and try new innovations to capture a younger market. Romance takes a back seat this week as you would rather concentrate on your new projects, just be sure to give ample time to your partner or this may cause you problems.  Take the time to talk to the people you care about. Listen attentively to what they have to say. Let them know that you care about them, but you also need some space and time for yourself.


(September 23 - October 22)

Your need for adventure and excitement will be satisfied. Get ready for some very pleasant surprises.

This is not the best time to be tied down to something or someone. You would prefer to act independently and would rather not listen to anyone's advice. You want to be your own person seeking new adventures. In your quest of happiness, you may meet someone from far away who would give you some special attention. Enjoy this while it lasts. This is the time to rethink your relationships and decide on which direction you would want to take.


(October 23 - November 21)

Your patience will be tested all the more, so keep your cool and be careful with your words.

The green-eyed monster will be eating you up for the next few days. You may find yourself picking a fight with your partner or someone close to you for some silly reason. Control your temper or you might just end up losing something you cannot afford to lose. More or less of the negative emotions may be coming from stress brought about by the pressures from work. Slow down and take a breather. A good night's sleep may just be what you need.


(November 22 - December 21)
This is not a good time to be alone. Speak up and reach out when you need it the most.

You are a person who enjoys freedom and spontaneity. Unfortunately for the next few days you will feel trapped and helpless. The demands of your work and chores at home may prevent you from doing what you love. People will take advantage of you if you allow them. Stand up for yourself and tell them exactly how you feel. Also, ask for help if you truly need it.


(December 22 - January 19)
Stop dwelling on negative emotions and make the effort to channel all your energies to carry out your tasks.

There is so much you want to do and you want everything to be in perfect order. You will start working on this, but then feelings of frustration and self-doubt will creep in and discourage you from moving forward. Believe in yourself and just continue doing what you do best. Things may not be as perfect as you want them to be but your efforts will be rewarded.


(January 20 - February 18)
Your charm is irresistible this week, so enjoy the attention and the pleasures that you attract.

You are like a magnet this week. People will be attracted to you and will be interested in your ideas. You will be extra charismatic and flirtatious.  Someone from the past may just surprise you one of these days. Enjoy catching up with old friends, and appreciate just how much you've grown through the years.

(February 19 - March 20)

Do not allow negative people to push you to the edge. You would be happier working alone anyway.

You may rub people the wrong way for the next few days, so it is best to avoid arguments, particularly among family members. Spend your time working alone doing something that you genuinely enjoy. Pamper yourself and buy yourself something nice. You will be very attractive and people will be flirting with you, right and left. Just enjoy the attention. Go around flirting and playing around. This may spark jealousy or envy from those around you though, so proceed with caution.


Written by MYC Horoscope Writer Sheila Noreen L. Gamo

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