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WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (May 17 - 23, 2015)

WEEKLY HOROSCOPE (May 17 - 23, 2015)

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A week of new beginnings, new love and new ventures unfold as the new moon in Taurus appears on May 18, 2015. Important decisions and all forms of negotiations should be put on hold until the sun aligns with Mercury on May 21, 2015. This is the best week for healing and communication for all signs.


You are a fighter by nature and you are a wiz at organizing things. But this week may just be quite a challenge even for a tough Aries like you. 

The sensual Taurus moon that comes out on Monday (May 18) may inspire you to seek out new adventures and experiences. You may even feel the urge to meet new people or start a new business. It is best not make any rash decisions. You do not want to do anything you may regret later. You may tend to feel frustration by the 20th since money matters will be tight and may start getting in the way of the things you want to do. It is best to put off for later any major decisions especially involving money or new relationships. 


You may need to step out of your comfort zone this week and learn to do without the pleasures and comforts you have always been after. 

This week will be a test of both your patience and your judgement for either the ethical or financial challenges brought about by the new moon come Monday. You will have to sacrifice some of the comforts, leisure’s and pleasures you so enjoy, just to make ends meet financially. You will also be faced with moral issues at work that will confuse and bother you. It is best to seek advice from your elders or those who have more experience on the matter before making any decision. This is also a good time to learn new things to improve yourself.


Be ready for dramatic mood swings and uncontrollable whims and desires, as the sensual new moon enters the sky this week.

You may tend to be a bit more abrasive and pushy than usual this week. People around you and financial difficulties may test your patience even more. Keep calm and use your words wisely, otherwise you will end up in an argument with the people around you. Disappointments and frustrations will set in due to broken promises, lost expectations and constant criticisms. Learn to listen to advice and suggestions from those you trust. Expect the tension set in, as you will have to make decisions without the chance to think things through.


You will love what this week has in store for you. It is your time to let loose and unwind as things get a bit easier and people become a lot friendlier.

The new moon is truly at your favour this week because this is the best time to mix business with pleasure. Any endeavour you start involving meeting and socializing with people will have great success. Whether it is a corporate event, a party or even an online project that involves reaching out to people will have positive results. If you have travel plans, be sure to book your flights and reservations early to avoid annoying delays and conflicts. On the other hand this week is a very good time to rekindle lost relationships and the best time for emotional healing.


The force is with you this week. New beginnings, new love and new opportunities await you if you take the right steps to get them.

Great doors of opportunity open for you this week so get out of your comfort zone and take the risks you have been avoiding for so long. This is the best time to make that change you have been waiting for. Contact old friends, mentors and business connections because they may just have the key to your better fortune. The Taurus moon is also the best time to face problems of the heart. Begin the healing process through forgiveness and acceptance. Romance is also in the air so if you are single you may just meet someone who will change your life for the better.


Eureka! Inspiration will come to you this week and this may bring you luck as you venture into new opportunities and beginnings.

No matter how hard things have been for you this past week, things will ease up and you will feel this positive vibe as the new moon comes by May 17. Welcome new ideas and inspired concepts but do not act on them just yet. Take things slow and think things through before investing on any big venture. You may get into trouble with a prominent male figure in your life and you will have to resolve these issues right away. Do not let the problem linger or else things may get out of hand. Love is not exactly in the air for you this week but it is not all that bad either.


Get ready for a wave of success and achievement because the stars are at your command. All it takes is a positive perspective.

This week is a very productive week for you and you may get a bit too excited to jump at every opportunity that comes your way. Although the energies will be good to you for the next few days, you have to be careful of being fooled by new people you meet. Beware of scams and faux business offers. Do not sign anything or close any deal just yet. Your instincts and keen judgement will be a bit off during these next few days so take things slow. It is your nature to seek out new adventures and it is okay to do so. Just be cautious for now.


A positive vibe is coming your way.  This brings harmony to your relationships at work, at home and even with your love life.

As the new moon enters this week you will feel a sudden urge to improve the status of your relationships with the people around you. In business, this is the best time to make solid business deals for long-term projects. In love, single Scorpios may consider going into a more serious relationship or begin seeking the right one. Married or committed ones will take a step to improve the quality of their relationship with their significant other. You will want to make efforts to reach out to others because this week is all about the power of two.


It is time to unclutter and let go of the things that are pulling you down. It is a time for bittersweet revelations.

The light of the new moon shines on motivating you to work more efficiently this week.  Although you would want to be more productive, take the time to go out and breathe. You may feel that you have all the energy to get things done, but be wise enough to rest when you need it. Overworking may lead to future health problems. There is harmony in your love life this week but there is a chance of betrayal from someone you have trusted. It is best to confront the person right away and be honest about how you truly feel.


Expect a boom of imagination, creativity and success this week!  You will feel bold and alive as you take the steps to truly express yourself.

You will feel inspired to create and do what your imagination brings to you. A sense of pride takes over you, as your efforts will be rewarded with success, financially or emotionally. You will also feel the urge to be more playful and carefree as you celebrate your success. Just be careful not to spend too much or else you will be back where you started. As good things come to you this week, beware of some people who might envy your success and try to sabotage what you’ve created. Stay strong and keep take pride in your own creations.


You will be feeling extra nostalgic this week and may tend to go back to memories that you thought you have forgotten. 

You will want spend more time at home with family this week. If you are in a relationship, a good talk about your future plans, as a couple would help your relationship a lot. For singles, this week is full of surprises. Your Ex may just come by and say “Hi!” Travel or a change of location is in your path this week so get ready to pack for that much needed business trip or you may even move to another home. Nevertheless you will still be packing up some of your old things and would be busy doing renovations to your home.


You will be rising to the top this week so hold on tight because things will seem to be in fast forward.

You will be filled with great ideas that will bring you good things in your career. Success will be coming in so fast that you may tend to feel overwhelmed by the sudden demand for your brilliance. Just be sure to keep it all together. Stay calm and write things down so you will not forget or neglect any task you need to do. At home, you may get into a fight with a close family member that may make you want to move away. In love, you are on fire. Singles will be stealing hearts while married one will be spicing up the romance with their partners.


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