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Weekend Workout: Aerobics

Weekend Workout: Aerobics

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    Nov 07, 2015   Author : admin

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Aerobics is one of the classic ways of working out. You might even call it timeless.

However, could it be just what you need to add some fresh impetus to your keep fit routine? After all, this been a hugely popular exercise for so many years for some very good reasons. The benefits of aerobic exercise are well known and it is more interesting than you might think.

For a start, there are multiple benefits to aerobic workouts. This way of exercising burns off fat, makes your heart stronger and gives you a stronger, fitter overall body.  It is also an enjoyable way of staying fit as moving your body and can help you to feel better and more positive about life, thanks to the endorphins you release. Additionally, aerobics can help you stay healthy by boosting your body's immune system.

Of course, there are numerous ways of doing aerobic workouts, with walking, cycling and running all classed as being forms of aerobic exercise. For our purpose, though, we can check out fun and invigorating aerobics classes in some of the best gyms across London.

Virgin Active

There are a number of classy Virgin Active gyms across London and they offer a wide range of different classes. In terms of aerobics, there are a few different ways of enjoying this style of working out. For instance, if you are short on time then the high intensity TwentyFour classes could be perfect. With this workout sees you do 24 different exercises in 24 minutes, to get your metabolism fired up in double quick time. 


If you like the idea of smiling your way that an aerobics class that is a genuine pleasure then you might want to give Glow a try. This smart fitness firm has 30 minute classes set to music that are designed to give you a fantastic all-round workout and a lot of fun. There are a number of instructors across the capital that you can get in touch with to get started on a class when and where it suits you.    


One of the best options at the Frame gym is to choose a Body Conditioning class that combines an all-action aerobic warm up with strength and endurance exercises.  You find them on offer at Friday and Saturdays at the Queen Park gym, giving you the chance of a buzzing start to the weekend.  


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