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The Week that Was:16/12/2016

The Week that Was:16/12/2016

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    Dec 20, 2016   Author : admin


ImaesAs Britain’s ambassador to the European Union says the post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal could take ’10 years’, the Bank of England holds UK interest rate at 0.25%.

The news comes amid evacuation of rebel fighters from eastern Aleppo in Syria.

Twin bomb attacks in Istanbul killed at least 38 people, most of whom were police officers.

While U.S. President-elect Donald Trump denies rumors that he’s planning to work on The Apprentice during his presidency, a Republican confirms that the Russians were responsible for hacking the U.S. election campaign. The news comes amid a new study that found over a third of Americans think Trump will be a good president for the United States.

UK News

Post-Brexit EU-UK trade deal could take ’10 years’.

All new police officers in England and Wales will need to have a degree from 2020.

Bank of England holds UK interest rate at 0.25%.

World News

Evacuation from eastern Aleppo in Syria is underway.

Republican confirms the Russians hacked the US election campaign.

Twin bomb attacks in Istanbul killed at least 38 people.


One billion people have been affected by the Yahoo hack.

Japan’s parliament legalizes casinos.

Inflation in UK hits two-year high amid skyrocketed prices on clothing,


Messi and Neymar reveal secrets to their success.

Maria Sharapova up against Monica Puig in Puerto Rico showdown.

Lionel Messi met Afghan ‘plastic shirt’ boy Murtaza Ahmadi.


Donald Trump denies rumors he would work on The Apprentice during presidency.

Walking Dead star to play lead in new Star Trek.

Manchester by the Sea leads nominations at Screen Actors Guild.


Uber was warned to stop self-driving in California.

The Pirate Pay to be blocked in Australia.

Donald Trump praises tech leaders for ‘incredible innovation’.

This time in History

December 16: midnight raid – The Boston Tea Party – happened in the U.S.

December 15: reopening of the leaning tower in Pisa.

December 14: Norwegian Roald Amundsen becane the first explorer to reach the South Pole. 


MYC Bulletin Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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