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The Week that Was: 3/2/2017

The Week that Was: 3/2/2017

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    Feb 03, 2017   Author : admin


This week has been full of headline-making news. Apart from tragic news (the death of BAFTA-winning actor Sir John Hurt) and very disappointing news (U.S. President Donald Trump’s continued efforts to enforce his controversial immigrant order), there were also good news (both Bank of England and the U.S. Central Bank have remained positive on their economies’ outlooks for 2017).

The UK media went crazy about reports surrounding Trump’s proposed state visit to the UK.  With many urging the UK government to cancel the visit, the government rejected the calls, saying that would be “a populist gesture.”

The UK government has finally laid out the official Brexit plan, while Trump had a phone conversation with Australian PM about, as Trump himself later described, the ‘dumb deal’ of refugee resettlement between their two countries.

UK News

UK Government lays out official Brexit plan.

UK rejects calls to cancel US President Donald Trump’s state visit.

Bank of England sharply raises growth outlook for 2017.

World News

Image: Pete Marovich / EPA (My Yellow Canary do not have any ownership of any brand/image/video displayed in this article)

Trump had phone conversation with Australian PM, ‘the worst by far’ of his calls with world leaders, and slammed the US-Australia ‘dumb deal’ of refugee resettlement.

Trump fires defiant acting attorney general Sally Yates after she refuses to comply with the immigrant executive order.

Trump chooses Neil Gorsuch as nominee for Supreme Court.


Facebook loses a $500 million Oculus virtual reality case.

The US central bank remains positive on US economy despite Trump presidency.

Cost-free roaming in EU seems more real now.


Tiger Woods calls US nation to ‘unite’ in the wake of Trump’s controversial immigration executive order.

Here are football’s top 25 transfers this winter window.

What has happened to Brazilian football club, the majority of team of which died in November’s plane crash?



People around the world burning Harry Potter books amid author JK Rowling’s anti-Trump stance.

BAFTA-winning Alien, The Elephant Man actor Sir John Hurt dies aged 77.

SAG Awards 2017: biggest snubs and surprises.




Twitter donates $1 million to fight Trump’s immigration order.

Google’s driverless cars continue making progress.

iPhone 7 sales help Apple return to growth.


This time in History

February 3: in 2005, Alberto Gonzales became first-ever Hispanic U.S. attorney general.

February 2: in 1887, Groundhog Day was celebrated for the first time.

January 31: in 1950, U.S. President Harry S. Truman publicly announced the development of the hydrogen bomb. 


Main Image: Reuters || MYC Bulletin Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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