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The Week that Was: 13/1/2017

The Week that Was: 13/1/2017

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    Jan 20, 2017   Author : admin


This week, nothing has changed in this world: Trump is still being attacked by the American and international media, while the mention of Russia is still constantly revolving around the U.S. President-elect.

As ex-MI6 officer claims Russia has compromising material against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, the real estate mogul himself says chief US spy called him to denounce the claims.

While Trump is being heavily criticized for his Cabinet picks, the U.S. President-elect, who enters the White House on January 20, blasts ‘stupid people’ and ‘fools’ for thinking friendly US-Russia ties is a bad idea.

Even though Trump’s presidency is expected to improve US-Russia ties, Moscow is still pushing for tensions with the West and says US tanks and troops stationed in Poland is a ‘threat’.

UK News

Ex MI6 officer claims Russia has compromising material on new U.S. President Donald Trump.

Meteorologists predict cold and snow in UK soon.

Queen makes first public appearance after heavy cold over Christmas.

World News

Donald Trump says top US spy called him to ‘denounce’ claims about Russia having compromising material on him.

Donald Trump blasts ‘stupid people’ and ‘fools’ for opposing friendly US-Russia ties.

Russia views US tanks and troops in Poland as a ‘threat’.


Germany’s economy grew in 2016, according to data.

Volkswagen pleads guilty to the emissions-rigging charges, will pay fines totalling $4.3 billion.

What are bosses’ excuses for paying under minimum wage?


As FIFA votes to expand World Cup to 48 teams, how would it work?

Here’s how David Beckham conquered the U.S. over a decade.

Anti-doping chief says Russia must show some ‘contrition’ to the sporting world.


Stevie Wonder serenades to Michelle Obama during her last late-night TV appearance as first lady.

Golden Globes organizers endorse Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech.

Natalie Portman was paid less than her male co-star.


Samsung and Twitter are among ‘least green’ major tech firms.

Nokia-branded Android phones to be released exclusively in China.

Google closes its internet drone project.

This time in History

January 13: in 1128, Pope Honorius II officially recognized the Knights Templar.

January 11: in 1908, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt made Grand Canyon a national monument.

January 9: in 1493, Italian explorer Christopher Columbus mistakes manatees for mermaids while sailing near the Dominican Republic. 


MYC Bulletin Wrtier: Polina Tikhonova 

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