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We Look at How No Alcohol Affects Your Body

We Look at How No Alcohol Affects Your Body

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    Feb 26, 2016   Author : admin

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We’re celebrating an alcohol-free month this February, so what better way to keep up with your health resolutions than by giving up drinking your favourite liquors for a 30-day period? Whether you call this month as a “Sober Start”, “Dry January”, “Dryathlon”, or “Month Off Booze”, we want you to know how not drinking alcohol benefits your health in so many ways. For those who are trying their best to quit and bid alcohol goodbye in their system, here’s a basic lowdown of how an alcohol-free lifestyle affects your body.

It boosts your immune system

One might overlook the fact that alcohol can greatly affect how your immune system responds to illnesses such as colds, cough and flu. If you are a heavy drinker, someone that can’t go on a day without kissing a beer or two, you might eventually notice how alcohol can get you down. Drinking alcohol on a daily basis can weaken your immune system thus making your body more prone to infections. However, if you learn how to say NO to alcohol, you’ll notice how healthy you will become since your body will be resistant to unnecessary maladies.

Helps prevent weight gain

How many times have you down a bottle of vodka with your friends after work? Or how many bottles of beer did you consume in day, a month? Have you ever had the time to slow down and process how much calories you’re gaining every time you have two or three shots of tequila? Well, don’t act surprised for alcohol can give you those undesirable extra calories in your belly area. Enjoying a glass of wine is said to have the same caloric measure as that of eating a slice of cake, while a pint of lager has the same calorie content as that of a slice of pizza while a frozen margarita gives you extra calories similar to that of eating a greasy cheeseburger. In fact, studies show that alcohol alone is accountable for adding an excess of 10% calories in adult drinkers. So for those who are on a mission to maintain a healthy body this year, skipping alcohol will probably just do you good.

Anti aging and healthier skin

When you kiss alcohol goodbye, you are opening a new door to becoming the best version of yourself. Why? Because giving up on alcohol means earning back a few younger years. The number one reason why some people look old is the very fact that they have poor, unhealthy and uneven skin due to drinking. Their skin texture also appears to be dry, patchy and saggy further accentuating how horribly they age. Practicing alcohol abstinence on the other hand, can do wonders to your skin so why not reward yourself with a radiance and glow you can only get by refraining from drinking liquors.

Rewards you with a good night sleep

Most people prefer to take a glass of wine before going to bed to make them fall asleep faster but did you know that in actually doing so, it disturbs your sleep? A new scientific research as published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research found out that people who drank alcohol before hitting the sack showed more slow wave patterns and disrupted delta activity which is the one responsible for helping us remember ( So if you want to sleep like a baby tonight without feeling drained or grumpy the following day, it’s best to dismiss the idea of having a drink before bed time.

It gives your liver its well-deserved rest

Give your liver the holiday that it deserves by going alcohol-free for a month or more. The liver is functioning day in day out but works overtime every time you gulp spirits. Drinking too much booze can potentially damage your liver for there will be presence of toxins in gut our gut bacteria. These hazardous toxins can later lead to inflammation and scarring of the liver). Prevent any liver-related diseases now by making a choice and sticking to your alcohol abstinence journey.

MYC Writer: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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