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7 Ways Running Is Remodelling Our Lives

7 Ways Running Is Remodelling Our Lives

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    Feb 29, 2016   Author : admin

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There are so many workouts and sports for different problem zones and levels that we easily get puzzled. Pilates or fitness, group or personal lessons with a trainer, cheap swimming or expensive tennis...? But the tremendous news is that to fight hated fat, kick your butt and boost stamina, simple running is more than enough. Except running is the cheapest workout ever (all you need to invest into is a high-quality footwear) and able to engage all muscles of our body, it has some stunning benefits that prove: running can actually remodel your life.

1) Running makes you free and positive

You can run whenever and wherever you want. In contrast to the gym where you need to adjust your plans with their time schedule and “enjoy” the same boring picture every day, running sets you free and allows you to discover new places and routes. Contemplating stunning landscapes while running charges you with positive emotions. Plus you can listen to your FAVOURITE music or other educational stuff and stay inspired.

2) You can meet new interesting people

Parks and sports grounds are crowded with running folks in the mornings, but their ears are plugged with earphones. Starting a conversation when a person’s ears are busy seems awkward. So if you don’t feel like running alone, check out your city’s groups in the internet to find running-minded fellows. Who knows, maybe it will lead to something more… 

3) Runners avoid cancer

Studies have shown that runners (and other people who practice intense workouts) are less prone to colon and breast cancers. Plus running people were found to live longer (of course under condition that you keep running when you grow older).

4) Runners are allowed to fall on yummy carbs

Carbs prepare your body for intense workout like running (web surfing isn’t taken into account) and charge you with positive emotions, so if you can’t imagine your life without pasta, you need to start running immediately.

5) Running boosts your stamina and libido

Not only look you slimmer (running is a perfect calorie burner), but also your face obtains a natural glow. When you sweat, your face pores get cleansed of that nasty gunk that makes you suffer from breakouts. As a result, you get a stunning body and better confidence in bed. You’re sexy and you know it…

6) Runners fight stress and dementia  

Studies have shown that regular running workouts boost your brain’s potential and decrease your chances of suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This exercise increases the level of serotonin in your brain and makes it calmer and more stress resistant. So run if you want your head to save all good memories and erase bad ones.

7) Blood pressure under control

Running is the best remedy for hypertonic people: running for at least 2 weeks lowers the blood pressure dramatically. So you can not only stay healthy, but also save some cash you’d spend for drugs.

Images: HuffPost, EvidentlyCochrane, Shape | MYC Writer: Anna Yarmoshchuk

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