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Zzzzz... 5 Ways to Have A Good Night's Sleep

Zzzzz... 5 Ways to Have A Good Night's Sleep

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    Aug 05, 2016   Author : admin

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So you’ve finally laid in bed before 10:00 in the evening and you’re pretty sure this time that you’ll fall to dreamland in a few minutes. Lately you’ve just been plagued by annoying insomnia episodes that going to sleep is such a hard thing to do. We know that the struggle is real, that upon lying in bed and then closing your eyes, your mind still drifts and wanders into space and time. For others, they have this habit of checking their smart phones before going to sleep and after putting it down, they begin to wonder why sleep is far from happening. To put an end to this misery, here are some tips to induce sleep and avoid late night thinking:

1. Take a relaxing warm bath before hitting the bed

In a 1985 research, it was scientifically proven that people who take a warm bath before going to bed not only fall asleep quickly but they also have better quality of sleep. So make sure to enjoy a quick warm bath no matter how sleepy you feel since it will surely induce you to catch that elusive forty winks. However be mindful that you should give your body at least 30-45 minutes to recover and adjust its natural thermostat before finally calling it a night.

2. Try to meditate at least 10-15 minutes before retreating at night

Meditation and deep breathing helps calm the mind so a 10-15 minute practice before closing your eyes will actually do you good. Mind you, you can also meditate while you lay in the comforts of your bed. 

3. Stop using your smartphones and other electronic devices 

In this time and age, we are so fully wired with the world wide web and technology such that we barely notice that we pay a higher price for it. That is, our sleeping pattern and quality of sleep takes the highest toll. A scientific approach explains to us that when we use our smart phones and other gadgets, our brain starts to power up, its neurons go on a rage and its electrical activity increases which is the exact same opposite of what should be happening before we sleep. One explanation also states that the physical act of going through your emails, checking Facebook statuses or reading tweets can make your body stressed and tensed thus it produces cortisol, a stress hormone that is barely favorable to sleep. Thus even if you put down your phone for over 30 minutes and you can’t still drift to dreamland, blame your electronic habits. It’s time to get rid of your gadgets before bed time. 

4. Total and complete darkness helps

No matter how afraid you are of the dark, there’s something soothing and comforting in it especially when it’s a great ingredient that makes up a quality sleep. Scientific researches proved that too much light can affect your sleeping patterns, thus disrupting your much needed sleep. Make sure to turn off the television, switch off the lights and even the lamp shade to enjoy a peaceful and untroubled sleep.

5. Surround your bedroom with aromatic diffuser

The smell emanating from many essential oils can help induce sleep instantly and cause higher quality of sleep. Surround your bedroom with scents such as lavender, chamomile, and geranium. The secret to doing this is by putting at least two to three drops of these essential oils under your pillow case, now shut your eyes and welcome yourself to dreamland!

Image:, GainesVillescene | MYC Writer: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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