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Ways to Get Him Hooked on Healthy Food Again

Ways to Get Him Hooked on Healthy Food Again

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    Jun 19, 2015   Author : admin

Let’s face the reality: (almost) all guys are staunch meat-addicts, and it would take some unreal titanic efforts to make them eat more greens. We don’t even talk about infecting them with our yummy parsley-spinach-smoothie mania. But if you are wise enough, you can succeed in a battle with your beloved man’s meaty food cravings and introduce some wholesome greens to his menu. Ready? The secret is in making gentle nudges!

1. Don’t pin a label to your menu novelty. If you are going to make a change in his diet, don’t name it! Knowing that the dish is healthy is more than enough for him. Girls are nuts about names like paleo, low-carb and other stuff, but guys aren’t. If it “smells” like a grass to him, he will resist. Everything that reminds a “diet” would fill your man with disgust. 

2. Sneak veggies into every dish. You may decrease the fat and calorie intake and even bring some fiber, antioxidants and vitamins into your dish if you substitute a part of minced beef with mushrooms or add pureed veggies to your sauces. He would hardly notice the difference.

3. Be flexible. Don’t force your diet preferences. If you are ok with eating only vegan salads all day long, his body needs more filling food. Next time you try feeding him with your favourite salad, wrap it in flatbread or tortillas and add some cheese. A full-up man is a happy man.

4. Make invisible ingredient substitutions he won’t even notice. Men aren’t happy about dramatic changes in their menu, but they won’t mind if you put some brown rice instead of white rice or whole-wheat tortillas instead of white bread. You can also swap fatter sour cream for Greek yogurt.

5. Make your food attractive. You have to fight with your man’s conviction that healthy food can be neither attractive nor tasty. If you are nuts about pureed veggies, he might find them disgusting. Always make your food look fantastic. If some unhealthy ingredients are crucial for him – don’t cut them totally, just decrease the amount. He won’t notice the difference between 1 cup of cheese and 2 spoons.


MYC Writer: Anna Yarmoshchuk

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