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UK Election 2015: Manifesto Review

UK Election 2015: Manifesto Review

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    May 06, 2015   Author : admin


Don’t know who to vote for yet? We’ve put together the key points of each contender’s manifesto to help you get a clear picture of this election.


  • save parents of three and four-year-olds £5,000 a year by giving them 30 hours of free childcare a week. 
  • extend the right-to-buy scheme, so that 1.3 million housing association tenants can buy homes at a discount
  • provide £1 billion for brownfield regeneration to fund 400,000 new houses
  • link national minimum wage to the personal income tax allowance (no one on minimum wage would have to pay income tax)
  • raise personal tax allowance to £12,500 by 2020
  • remove inheritance tax on properties worth up to £1 million
  • add extra £8 billion for NHS fund every year


  • cut budget deficit every year
  • ban zero hour contracts
  • raise minimum wage to £8 by October 2019
  • create a £2.5 billion NHS fund (+20,000 more nurses, +8,000 GPs, +5,000 homecare workers, +3,000 midwives)
  • restore the 50p rate of tax

Liberal Democrat:

  • balance Britain’s books by 2018 by cutting £50 billion less than the Tories, and borrowing £70 billion less than Labour
  • eliminate the remaining £27 billion deficit 
  • build a new corporation tax on banking sector to raise an extra £1 billion a year
  • raise the personal income tax allowance to £12,500 by 2020
  • introduce high value property levy on homes worth more than £2 million


  • leave the European Union by saving up to £10 billion per year
  • remove some EU regulations and negotiate a trade agreement for Britain
  • no mansion tax, no bedroom tax
  • no tax on minimum wage, inheritance or tampons
  • the NHS will remain free at the point of delivery and time of need for all the UK residents

Green Party:

  • put an end to austerity
  • increase public sector spending by 20% to create over 1 million jobs
  • raise a living wage to £10 per hour by 2020
  • cut UK borrowing by £21 billion per year by 2019
  • people earning over £150,000 will face a 60p top rate of tax by raising £2 billion per year and deterring companies from paying excessive salaries


  • increase public spending 0.5% per year
  • cancel the renewal of the trident nuclear weapons system to save £3 billion of spending per year
  • repeal the 2012 Health and Social Care Act
  • restore NHS in England to “fully public, publicly-accountable service”
  • additional £9.5 billion above inflation spending for NHS by 2020


Image via GETTY/PA | MYC Bulletin Writer Polina Tikhonova

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