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Trending: Granny Panties

Trending: Granny Panties

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    Jun 04, 2015   Author : admin

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There’s a reason why women nowadays are opting for granny panties compared to its sexier counterpart, the thongs. For one, it’s less flashy only because it’s associated with our beloved grandmothers. But don’t let the association fool you. Another reason why women opt for the oldie underwear is the fact that it makes for a sexy side butt, and is fashionably fun, too! These days, everyone seem to love a granny panty or two. Don't believe us? Take a walk inside a lingerie store and give yourself a couple of minutes to observe the trendy shoppers. One thing is pretty common; they prefer granny panties! The millennial and Generation Y consumers now consider the full-bottom underwear to be a cool option, thanks to the many designs available in the market. Even Calvin Klein models such as Kendall Jenner support the granny panties trend. But while some lingerie pieces were designed to appeal to the opposite sex, granny panties were re-invented to make the style more natural and comfortable while maintaining a feminine aura. Basically, no one will know you’re wearing granny panties unless you declare it via your social media accounts. So if you’re looking to wear the trendiest lingerie to date, make sure you check out what we have curated for you below:

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Written by Elonah Jade Bioneda

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