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Travel Hacks: What to Bring to Your Holiday Vacation

Travel Hacks: What to Bring to Your Holiday Vacation

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    Dec 02, 2015   Author : admin

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As much as we want to pack light we know it is such a hard thing to do. If only Mary Poppin’s bag is real, right? So here are some travel hacks (and a cheatsheet) to help the pack rat in you this holiday season.


Where will I go? What is the weather? What will I be doing? How long will I stay there? Asking yourself these questions is essential to make sure that you are packing the things that you really need. Bringing a hundred swimsuit when you are travelling to a cold destination just doesn't make sense.


 Whether you are going to a tropical or cold country, basic pieces are your total life saver! Bring basic clothing pieces that are easy to mix and match! Basic tops in solid colors, basic jeans that you can easily dress up or down, comfortable black ballet flats, button-up shirt, sweater to name a few. Also when travelling, accessorising is the key! Take extra time to put your outfits together beforehand. You’ll see endless possibilities that you can do with the classic pieces you have in your suitcase.


We heard it before, rolling your garments as thinly as you could is the best way to save space in your suitcase. Make sure to bring clothes are not easily wrinkled and you can hand wash in your hotel. You also want to keep the weight of your suitcase at the bottom, so another tip is to put your heaviest items in the bottom working your way lighter up top.


Another hack is to use the space inside your shoes! Aside from socks, another tip is to store your travel-sized toiletries (make sure to put it on a ziplock first) inside your shoes. Keep in mind that shoes should always be packed in a thin clothing bag to avoid dirty soles messing up with your other pieces. Hotel shower caps can also be used to cover your (dirty) steppers.

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