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"Three Days in Auschwitz" Is A Visual Documentary that Will Move You to Tears

"Three Days in Auschwitz" Is A Visual Documentary that Will Move You to Tears

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    Apr 28, 2016   Author : admin


When we heard about Three Days in Auschwitz, we actually thought it was going to be just another film about how Hitler imprisoned and tortured the Jews back in 1945. But this documentary film directed by Philippe Mora and soundtrack offering by Eric Clapton for Screenbound Pictures is one thrilling and thought-provoking visual of how it was in Auschwitz back in the day of gloom. It first debuted at the New Horizons Film Festival last July, with Philippe Mora mentioning, "This was a unique and trusting collaboration between old friends. I was simply blown away by Eric's score for this film which combined the tragedy of the events with a celebration of life. He created music with great dignity and emotional power. In my opinion, this is one for the ages."

Regarding the moving documentary he made, Mora stated on his website, "In 2010 I visited Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps for the first time and filmed the visit. I knew many of my relatives had been killed there. Incredibly, that year I also found over 250 documents from Poland and Leipzig, documenting the fate of seven Morawski family members. In 2012, I revisited the camps again with my friend Harald Grosskopf, with whom I had made the documentary German Sons. The two visits triggered an ongoing personal investigation into the matrix of Holocaust Restitution, with the Morawskis, my murdered family, as a portal into the shocking world of Nazi barbarism and looting. With billions of dollars unaccounted for, for millions of victims and heirs, the issue remains an open wound, the legacy of unprecedented crimes against humanity. This film documents this odyssey into the heart of evil, past and present."

We can't promise that you won't shed a tear when you see flashbacks of yesteryears, but this film is going to be an eye-opener of the past. See the trailer below:

"Three Days in Auschwitz" will be available on DVD in the UK this coming 16th of May.

Images: Youtube, Whereseric | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

Disclaimer: MyYellowCanary was contacted by Screenbound Pictures for this Feature Preview.

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