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Tamago Maki: Japanese Egg Roll

Tamago Maki: Japanese Egg Roll

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    Sep 26, 2015   Author : admin

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Tamago Maki, namely Japanese Egg Roll, is a fascinating breakfast recipe that people must try all over the world. I myself could not resist the temptation of experimenting with the dish and luckily came up with a simple solution. This dish is usually made in tamagoyaki pan but you can try in regular pans, too.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Yields: Makes 4 Servings

Recipe Type: Breakfast

Cuisine: Japanese


  • eggs
  • 3tablespoons stock
  • 2 cups dashi stock
  • 1tablespoon Mirin (Japanese cooking wine)
  • 12tablespoons sugar
  • 1teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1 -2green onion, chopped


1. In a mixing bowl whisk the eggs.

2. Strain the egg mixture using a sieve.

3. Combine soy sauce, mirin, dashi stock and sugar to the bowl.

4. Mix well and set aside.

5. Heat a skillet over medium heat.

6. Add cooking spray or oil to the skillet.

7. Pour 1/3 of the mixture into the skillet.

8. Cook for just a minute or until the egg sets a little bit.

9. Roll the omelet and transfer into a plate.

10. Add more oil to the skillet and pour half of the remaining egg mixture.

11. Cook until they become set and roll up nicely.

12. Finally cook the rest of the mixture in the same process.

13. Slice the egg rolls and serve with green onions.


Image: | MYC Writer: Romana S.

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