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The Surprising Benefits of Walking Barefoot are Great

The Surprising Benefits of Walking Barefoot are Great

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    Sep 13, 2016   Author : admin

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For those who have travelled across South Asia would have seen sages and monks who walk barefoot as part of their day to day life. We would assume its in accordance with their religious beliefs, but there is a reason beyond.

Walking barefoot is referred to as "earthing" and it can potentially have various health benefits. It might sound a bit illogical but it’s true! Although our feet are very delicate and need all the pampering and care, they need to feel nature. Ever walked barefoot on the grass or at the beach? Walking barefoot has various advantages which most of us are unaware of!

Here are some of the surprising benefits of walking barefoot:

  1. Improves circulation – Getting in touch with nature again can help to improve the blood circulation of the body. It can help to decrease varicose veins and is very good for heart health. It helps in making the blood thin and thus you are saved from contracting heart disease. Diabetics have also noticed a marked decrease in their blood glucose levels and heart rate variability. The chances of high blood pressure are also reduced considerably. It helps to improve your posture.
  2. Helps to cure chronic pain – Aches and pains bothering you too much? Here’s the solution. Walking barefoot can help to reduce chronic pains such as rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint pains. So, say good bye to foot pains and fatigue. Walking barefoot helps to make the foot muscles stronger. Not only that, it also improves respiratory and asthmatic problems and reduces stress. It boosts your immunity and stimulates the sensory nerves of the feet. The pressure points at the bottom of the feet are revitalized and energized. The energy levels of your entire body get increased.
  3. Feet become soft again – As a baby, our feet had a lot of fat and they were very soft. While growing up, the cushion at the bottom of the feet gets depleted and our feet become hard. Walking barefoot makes the skin at the bottom thicken and makes the feet soft again.
  4. Improves your sleep – Ever wondered why you get a sound sleep after taking a stroll in the garden? It’s because of earthing. When you walked barefoot on the grass, positive ions are replaced by negative ions. These negative ions flow through the body and relieve tension. They help to improve the quality of your sleep. The ions in the body get balanced when we walk barefoot

The most advantageous thing about barefoot walking is that you don’t need any special equipment to reap its benefits. Just walk barefoot in your house on the clean floor or feel the grass in a garden. Whenever you have the time, just head out. A leisurely barefoot walk will help to lift your mood and clear your thoughts!


MYC Writer: Priyanka Verma

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