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Super Foods You Need to Know

Super Foods You Need to Know

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    Nov 09, 2015   Author : admin

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Everyone knows about some of the super foods out there. In fact, they are very searchable over the internet after all. You might know about how apples, broccoli and almonds result to a very healthy mix. But they are not the only super foods available. You might be missing out some of the easiest ingredients that can instantly boost your health. Below, we’ve listed 5 super foods that many people don’t often consider adding into their diet -- fact: they are fantastic fighters against diseases!

1. Bamboo Shoots

Right, never thought of it before have you? For one thing, it’s low in calories but very high in fiber. Bamboo shoots is also one that is full of those wonderful antioxidants that help kick diseases out of your body such as cancer-causing free radicals. Add it to your own diet by simply putting them into soups, salads or even into a great tasting stir-fry!

2. Pumpkin Seeds

These little seeds are full of protein and even phytosterols. This means the little seeds can help lower those levels of bad cholesterol in your body! Just eat them as a snack in the afternoon or you can throw them on a salad; they make for a yummy crunch.

3. Swiss Chard

The little bit of leafy green goodness is one that is packed full of potassium. This will help your body to balance out the electrolytes, and help to prevent those nasty muscle cramps. These are great if you sauté them in some olive oil and add them as a side dish to your meal.

4. Kiwis

The fruit from down under is one that helps strengthen your immune system with a huge kick of Vitamin C. They actually have more of this vitamin than oranges, strawberries or even grapefruits. Cut them up and mix them into a Greek yogurt for a special treat. Or add them along with those pumpkin seeds from above into a salad!

5. Beets

This item is one that is helpful in lowering those levels of Homocysteine in your body because they are full of folic acid. That Homocysteine is an amino acid in the body and has shown to be linked to fighting heart disease. Add these into your daily diet; you can actually sweeten them up a bit by placing olive oil on them, leaving them inside the oven with a 375 degree temperature for about 45 minutes.


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