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Style 101: Ankle Booties for Spring

Style 101: Ankle Booties for Spring

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    May 15, 2015   Author : admin

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Ah, spring. The word itself sends a happy vibe for the most of us. Think beaches, picnic rendezvous, maxi dresses -- the list can go on and on about what everyone can do when the temperate season of spring arrives. But what we love most about spring is that there’s so much stuff to look forward to after the cold winter months have passed. Now that ideas of rebirth and rejuvenation usually comes to mind when we think of spring, lets not forget that some of our winter staples can also transition well into the next season. One staple we usually go for during colder months are ankle booties. They’re perfect for everything in your closet and will keep you warm no matter what. But ankle booties fit well during the warmer months, too. See how fashionistas prove to you how versatile ankle booties can be:

Ankle booties can be worn with a dress.

If you’re shocked at the thought of pairing a dress with booties, then take some fashion cues from one of Hollywood’s model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner. She effortlessly wore a black maxi dress and paired it with some manly booties. It’s the perfect outfit if you’re still transitioning from cold to warm weather.

A tank, a skinny jean and ankle booties.

There’s no better way to define a model off-duty style than by seeing them in action wearing the ultimate outfit, cue Miranda Kerr. She’s been photographed a lot and in many uber-stylish outfits. But when she was spotted walking around New York City in a white tank top, black skinny jeans, ankle booties and oversized sunnies, we know she’s the real deal when it comes to streetstyle off-duty. Everything just screams perfection.

Printed top, denim cutoffs and ankle booties.

Nicole Richie may have had us cringe with her hair color choices at times, but she totally wowed us when she ran errands in an outfit that reminds us spring is really here. Looking oh-so-chic in a printed top, denim cutoffs, ankle booties and oversized sunnies, Nicole is just the epitome of cool girl style.

Beachin’ in rompers and booties.

One way to incorporate ankle booties this spring? Wear it to the beach and pair it with a flowy romper or jumpsuit. Nothing is more savvy than by opting for booties instead of flip-flops or sandals. The upside? Your feet wont get dirty while walking by the shore.

Are you going to wear ankle booties this season?


Images via Pinterest | MYC Writer Elonah Jade Bioneda

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