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Stress-Free Prep Your Next Vacation

Stress-Free Prep Your Next Vacation

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    Nov 15, 2015   Author : admin

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A big trip is at hand, and you are in a panic? We won’t complicate your hard packing by advising how to stuff your entire house in that small suitcase. But there are some ideas that are definitely worth talking about. Remember the second law of thermodynamics (almost nobody does, and it’s bad): a natural system that was left for itself will degenerate. The same as your house or work. Accept it. So here are a couple of thoughts what to do and what not to do if you don’t want to find these spheres in miserable condition when you come back.

Arrange things at work

No matter how far we travel, a piece of our heart stays at home (or what is even worse – at work). In order not to spoil your vacation, inform your boss and colleagues about your absence and delegate your work. Organize your papers so that others could find them.  

Do your laundry 

Imagine yourself coming back home hired and often dirty and (forgive me) stinky with a suitcase full of dirty clothes and see –what do you think? – piles of dirty laundry in your bathroom. Home dirty home, what can be more awful? If you can ease your coming back by doing all the laundry before your trip – why not? If you a perfectionist, you might even want to change the sheets to make the first night home really fantastic. 

Think about your living creatures 

Your plants or pets won’t survive your absence unless your find a reliable person who would visit your house for watering plants and feeding your animals. 

Freeze leftovers

We don’t like the idea of leaving the food in the fridge for weeks, that’s why we usually toss it. Try putting it in a plastic bag and freeze next time! 

Take out the trash

It’s really a thing to nail! Most of us know how our house smells when we come back to it after weeks of vacations and find the trash disposal full. What? You find it empty? Spot on! Next time don’t forget to clean the garbage disposal itself. 

Don’t try to do everything before leaving

No matter how much you do, there will always be piles of work when you come back. Relax. Set reasonable goals. And write a house to-do list for the future. Try to plan your post-vacation work in the same to-do list. This will help you to relax on vacation because you know what to do when you come back. 


Things You Should NEVER Do before Going on Vacation

Don’t take your office with you

Don’t even say your boss or colleagues they may call you when they need you. Never promise to control how everything’s going on. Take a distance. You deserve that rest. 

Don’t shut off the power!  

Most of us think it would be a smart way to save energy by shutting off the power in the house. Believe hundreds of disappointed people across the globe: don’t do it! Think about your refrigerator!

So here is the moral: leave your house the way you would like to find it or even better (taking into account that nasty law that spoils everything).   


MYC Writer: Anna Yarmoshcuk

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