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Still Looking For a Spot to Run in the London Marathon 2015?

Still Looking For a Spot to Run in the London Marathon 2015?

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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Are you a runner who’s looking to participate in the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon? Every year around 30,000 individuals take part in this 26.2 mile marathon through the streets of London.

Not everyone is looking to achieve their personal best, as many come out to raise money for their charity or just to enjoy themselves. Some even participate in a fancy dress, which is a sight to see in itself! Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can still sign up to take part in this exciting competition.

Information Regarding the London Marathon

Before we focus on how you can participate, let’s discuss the marathon itself. The route will allow you to run past some of London’s most iconic areas and landmarks. From Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London and the London Eye, it’s truly a great experience.

This marathon has been running since 1981, when it became an instant success. Chris Brasher, an Olympic champion, had run in the New York Marathon and became inspired to bring it to London. He loved the fact that more than a million people from different cultures all came together to enjoy this challenging experience. Through his vision, London began its own highly successful marathon event.

Here’s How to Enter

If you’re looking for a spot in this year’s London Marathon, there are various ways to enter. Please refer to your options below for more information:

Charity Entry

If you’re looking to run for a good cause, this is for you. Each year, major charities have a set number of entry spots. They allow runners to take part in this event who agree on an amount which they’ll raise for that charity. To apply, contact the charity of your choice. Please refer to this full list, in order to contact charities that may have spots.

For Overseas Entry

There are many international participants who come and take part in this rewarding event. In order to apply, you will need to contact one of the approved Tour Operators listed here. Some of the countries that will be participating include (but are not limited to): the USA, Italy, Switzerland, France, India, Iceland, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Brazil and Japan.

British Athletics Club Entry

Any athletes who are associated with the British Athletics Club can generally apply for a spot in the Virgin Money London Marathon. In order to qualify, your club needs to belong to one of these governing bodies: England Athletics, Welsh Athletics, Athletics Northern Ireland or Scottish Athletics. Since club entries closed in December, please contact your local running club to see if any spots are currently available.

Good for Age Entry

Although they’re now closed (and only available to British residents), this is good to know for next year’s race. If you have previously run a marathon, you may qualify automatically for a ‘good for age’ entry. If you have run a marathon within the times listed here (or faster), you can apply! Check it out so that you’re prepared for next year’s marathon.

For more information, please refer to the Virgin Money London Marathon website.


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