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Start Your Summer Fitness Routine with these Low-Impact Cardio

Start Your Summer Fitness Routine with these Low-Impact Cardio

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    May 27, 2016   Author : admin

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High-impact workouts can accomplish a lot in a really quick span of time, but it’s not always that we can do such intensive exercises for varying reasons. It could be that we live in an apartment, or we are recovering from strains or injures that prevent us from doing high-impact workouts. In this case, we have the counterpart: low-impact workouts. It is less stressing, but can still get in a good burn and make you run out of breath. Plus, it helps to have a healthier bod this coming summer season:

Mountain climbers

Hold a plank position, with your arms fully extended below your shoulders and your legs stretched out, parallel to the ground. Then pull in one knee towards the chest, and then do alternating moves of this so you imitate a running-in-place exercise, except in a plank position. Video here.

Lunge hops

Step one foot forward and bend the knee while your other leg is extended behind you, forming a lunge. Then switch to the other side but instead of walking it out, hop. The extra effort will have you breathless in no time. Video here.

Up-down plank

Begin in a plank position, with your arms planted on the ground directly below your shoulders, while your legs are extended parallel to the ground. Then go down on one elbow, so your forearm is spread flat on the ground. Go down on the other elbow, and then get back up, returning to the plank position. For the extra burn, squeeze in a jump plank before you return to the beginning plank position. Video here.

Pull-ups by the doorway

This requires a pull-up bar to wedge in the doorway, or an incredibly stable wardrobe. Video here.

Kettlebell swings

If you don’t have kettlebells, you can simply sub a dumbbell or any other heavy object, like a book or a watermelon. To do the swings, stand with your feet apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands, squat, and then swing the kettlebell from inside your thighs to the level of your chest (or your eye). The key is to really bring the weight of the swing to your hips and not to your arms, so your arms should feel light throughout. Video here.


This is a modified version of mountain climbers where you climb a wall—in this case, the floor—like spiderman, but instead of walking the move out, you jump to alternate to each side. Video here.


Stand with feet wide apart. Push your hips and butt back—this inevitably will make your knees bend. Then squat. Go low as you can, and get back up. Video here.

Images:, | MYC Writer: Patricia Caranto

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