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Spring Fashion: Denim Cut-Offs

Spring Fashion: Denim Cut-Offs

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    May 01, 2015   Author : admin

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Spring is the perfect occasion to bring out your warm weather staples, and we’re highly recommending you strut your stuff in this season’s go-to piece: denim cut-offs. While trends tend to come and go with the season, cut-offs are seriously versatile. With the many styling options available, a good pair will ultimately keep you looking fab without a hint of effort on your part. Check out some ways to wear your denim cut-offs that will show off your legs for days:

Knit Sweater + Denim Cut-Offs

It may be the advent of spring, but in some parts of the world, it’s still brewing a cold climate. But if you’re dying to wear out your denim shorts, you can keep yourself warm and cozy in a chunky knit sweater. Pair your outfit with knee-high booties for a polished finish.

White Button-Down + Denim Cut-Offs

Nothing is more picture perfect than by pairing a white button-down with your denim cut-offs. It’s like the two pieces are completely meant for each other when worn! Elevate this “less-is-more” outfit with a pair of sexy high-heels.

Structured Vest + Denim Cut-Offs

A denim staple can still look extra elegant by pairing it with the right element such as a structured vest or blazer. If your office allows a little bit of creativity to thrive in your workplace, then this outfit will seriously be a chic workwear.

Printed Blouse + Denim Cut-Offs

Give your outfit a retro spin by wearing a printed blouse, and cap it off with some cute ballet flats like Selena Gomez! The top balances the roughness of the denim shorts and makes for a perfect picnic ensemble.

Striped Shirt + Denim Cut-Offs

Probably the most on-point outfit when paired with your denim shorts, striped tops have the tendency to make you look effortlessly cool without having the need to try. Such is the case of Olivia Palermo, who is practically the epitome of effortless style.


Images via Pinterest | Written by Elonah Jade Bioneda

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