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SpookFest: 5 Halloween Party Foods Ideas

SpookFest: 5 Halloween Party Foods Ideas

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    Oct 28, 2016   Author : admin

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Let the spooky festivity begin! Treat your guests with something scarily cute this Halloween season with any of the party foods below. Trust us, your guests won’t even scream when they see what's served on the table.

Monster Eyeball Cupcake Recipe

What better way to spook your guests out this Halloween than by serving an eyeball made out of pure frosting, cupcakes and a gummy eyeball. See recipe from Camille Styles here.

Mini Spider Pizzas

Spiders on your pizza? No thanks. But for Halloween, it sure does sound fitting. Add a bit of these nasty little creatures on your dining table by whipping up this "Mini Spider Pizza" from Recipe Runner. It's nasty but flavourful at the same time.

Witches Finger Breadsticks

A witch's finger for lunch? Sure, why not. But only this Halloween. It's a spooky and crunchy addition to your lunch (or dinner) time. See recipe from Cookie Monster Cooking here.

Halloween Pumpkin Punch

Served out of a giant pumpkin, entertain your guests by quenching their thirst with this "Halloween Pumpkin Punch" from Honestly Yum that screams spooky! It's basically the perfect drink to serve when you're throwing a party that contains a tad bit of alcohol. Cheers!

The Poisoned Apple

And to cap things off... a potion filled with tequila, anyone? This sinister concoction will definitely make your Halloween even more thrilling. See recipe from Minted here.


Images & Recipe:, Minted, Honestyle Yum, Camille Styles, Cookie Monster Cooking, Recipe Runner | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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