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Some Reasons Why You Must Visit Italy Now

Some Reasons Why You Must Visit Italy Now

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    Sep 28, 2015   Author : admin

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If France is often referred to as the romantic capital of the world, then Italy is not too far behind. Whether it is all about taking a trip down memory lane with your partner or venturing forth to experience new and exciting things, a visit to Italy should not be missed.

For the history buff

Strolling around this treasure trove with its fair share of museums and ancient architectural creations will leave you in awe. There are monasteries and ancient palaces that you could visit, and some even offer you the chance to experience living within its “walls” for a day or two. It would certainly be an experience like no other, to be able to immerse yourself in history. The Vatican is another iconic attraction. Nothing like it anywhere else in the world is reason enough to visit Italy. The Vatican has so many different and intriguing facets to explore that just a casual stop will simply not do. From the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter’s Square, your experience in the holy city will leave with unforgettable memories.

Enjoy the luxury of an Italian villa 

A stay at an Italian villa is something that simply should not be missed. Remember the tales of the tall dark and handsome hero with the whimsical looking heroin all played out with the back drop of an Italian villa. You might get yourself a handsome Romeo or Bella, to wait on your every whim, at one of these rustic cottages or exclusive manors so popularly referred to as Villas. 

Food oh glorious food

The cuisines are not only a mouthwatering treat, but are also eye catching. Beautiful fresh colors and smells will leave you completely soft at the knees and unable to even think of dieting. There are so many regional specialties and varieties that you will not be bored. From pecorino chesses to grappa and olive oil, the selections are incomprehensibly vast and varied. 

From hill tops to volcanic islands

There is something for everyone. San Felice offers a splendid adventure for those who want to spend sometime in the quiet cool surroundings of the hilltop town near Garda Lake. If volcanic parks and ancient cities coupled with pristine beaches is your idea of a dream holiday, then Sicily has it all. Besides the awesome beauty of the surroundings, you will also get the chance to indulge in a variety of famous ice desserts this little island proudly offers its visitors. 


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