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3 Social Media Etiquette Tips for the Grown Ups!

3 Social Media Etiquette Tips for the Grown Ups!

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    Aug 03, 2016   Author : admin

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Clear-cut truth for women: follow posts of food bloggers, love stalking some downright gorgeous guys on social media, browse through a smartphone almost always while on public transport and spot trends of fashion brands carrying out electronic media marketing. It’s fine, we’re in the digital era (a.k.a. information age), anyway!

Social media has been the world’s fairly silent partner in a legion of ways. It has been a dependable ally that aids to connect, inform, promote, entertain and stir up the public’s curiosity. In spite of that, there’s also trash in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media pages almost all the time. Oftentimes, it comes from what you and me put up (or type) in there.

With this in mind, shouldn't a proper lady be conscious of the proper social media behavior? Good manners are still all-important. As social media sites are part of your daily routine, so is a pleasant attitude. Right? So, if you’re the modest kind who’s up for social media etiquette, then live by these pointers:


… a hundred times before you post or share or like anything. Call to mind that your character is represented by whatever you do and say anywhere—social media, included. Note: The like, share and retweet buttons are “powerful.” That’s beyond question!


… others positively. Be professional. Be discreet. Be kind. Besides, being one is never a passé. Because social media can be your platform for your beliefs, shun any hint of negativity. Don’t let your online pages be your personal ranting machine. Don’t doubt that positivity is contagious. One brilliant man believes that’s making others feel good can also make you feel good. Get that?!


… everyone in your network. Social media may be a dumping ground of diverse thoughts, interests and views.  Some (or most) differ from yours.  But, don’t judge pretty damn quick. Don’t neglect the courtesies and avoid being a stumbling block. Don’t insult. Prove that you’re from a cultured society by using good-natured words and treat others with warmth. Yes, that’s should also be a demand for social media. 

In reality, it’s as simple as what Gertrude Stein has said-- “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.” True! 

Images:, | MYC Writer: Maebelle Del Rosario 

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