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You Might Be Surprised You're Dating A Narcissist

You Might Be Surprised You're Dating A Narcissist

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    May 09, 2016   Author : admin

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Narcissists are irresistible and charismatic people. They will make you love them and they will keep you hooked until you find yourself in a tangled web of drama and deceit. We all know that a narcissist is someone who loves himself or herself more than anybody or anything. But, it is not easy to tell right away if the person you are going out with is one. Unless you are already in a relationship with the person or have really gotten to know each other, those are the only times you may realize you have fallen for a narcissist. Because of this, it is important that you know the signs you may be dating a narcissist.

“Everybody Wants to Be Me” Atttitude

Narcissists believe that everybody wants to be like him or her. They think that people around them either adore them or are jealous of them for some reason. So, if your date starts talking about the people he or she dated in the past, who ended up becoming a stalker or have done crazy things because of him or her, then consider that as a red flag. 

I Am the Boss!

Narcissists hate being told what to do, but, they love bossing people around. They consider themselves an exception to the rule, and everybody should give them the special treatment they believe they deserve. They like to dominate conversations and make everything you talk about revolve around them. Insentive Behavior

At first, narcissists can be very sweet and caring people. But their true nature usually comes out after some time of getting to know the person. They hate showing their true emotions because they do not want to appear vulnerable and weak. They can do and say things without considering the feelings of the people around them.

The Oozing Charisma

Many people fall for the narcissist’s confident and charismatic persona. They can turn heads whenever they walk into a room. And when they are with a group of friends, they stand out from the crowd. Their strong personality is very attractive and intriguing, and it gets them the kind of attention they crave for. Although not all charismatic people are narcissists, it is best to take it slow and beware of people who can easily sweep you off your feet.

Bad History

A background check of your date’s past relationships would be very useful, before you decide to get serious about dating him or her. If your date has a long line of bad break-ups or has a history of infidelity, then it is best not to see this person again. Remember, history repeats itself.

Controlling Behavior

Narcissists like being in control of everything and everyone around them. So if your date tries to tell you what to do, what not to do or push their opinions to you, it may be best to walk away.

So Much Drama

Lastly, if being with a person makes you feel like you are a part of a TV soap opera, because of all the drama going on, then you may have just found yourself a narcissist date. These people can over-dramatize simple situations and make everything around you all about him or her.

Dating a narcissist can be exciting because of the unpredictable behavior and the constant drama going on everytime you are together. But, if you are looking for someone to love you, this person is not the one you would want to be with, because narcissists can only truly love themselves. 

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