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7 Scrumptious High Tea Food Ideas Perfect for Easter Gatherings

7 Scrumptious High Tea Food Ideas Perfect for Easter Gatherings

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    Mar 21, 2016   Author : admin

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Why not spend some quality time with friends and family now that it's almost Easter? It's the perfect occasion for family get togethers and friendly gatherings at home while serving quaint but delicious food over small talks and hearty conversations. And what better way to celebrate this than by preparing a high tea meal that's fitting for Easter gatherings at home. From berry parfaits, smoked salmon sandwiches to scones and cheesecakes, below we've gathered 7 heart-warming recipes that's going to be a high tea favourite:

1) French-Toasted Chocolate and Banana Sandwiches

For a tasty take on French toasts topped with chocolate and banana fillings, this "French-Toasted Chocolate and Banana Sandwiches" recipe is the perfect high tea treat for your family. See full recipe from Gourmet Traveller.

2) Currant Scones

Scones are best eaten when toasted, split and spread with butter or jam; heat it from the oven for an even appealing taste. See full recipe from Martha Stewart.

3) Creamy White Chocolate Berry Parfaits

This delicious pink and white layered parfait not only looks beautiful and enticing to eat, but it's definitely a high tea favourite. See full recipe from Baker's Corner.

4) Salmon and Preserved Lemon Tea Sandwiches

Serve the flavours of Morocco with this "Salmon and Preserved Lemon Tea Sandwiches" dish that features the taste of lemon, saffro and smoked salmon. It's definitely a treat for an afternoon soiree with friends! See full recipe from Food & Wine.

5) Mini New York Cheesecakes

Relive the classics of New York City with this "Mini New York Cheesecakes" recipe. These bite-sized eatables are topped with fresh berries for that glorious tea with friends. See full recipe from Baker's Corner.

6) Berry-Yogurt Pavlovas with Chamomile-Lavender Syrup

For a recipe that's filled with antioxidants, make this "Berry-Yogurt Pavlovas with Chamomile-Lavender Syrup" that has the key ingredients of chamomile and lavender. See full recipe from Food & Wine.

7) Zucchini Pa Amb Tomaquet

This tomato-rubbed bread is a popular snack, tapa, side and breakfast dish in Catalonia. So why not bring this amazing recipe to your next high tea date with friends? See full recipe from Gourmet Traveller.

Images: Food & Wine, MarthaStewart, GourmetTraveller, Baker's Corner | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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