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Savory Pie Recipes

Savory Pie Recipes

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Nothing beats a warm pie when it comes to hearty comfort food. Even the thoughts of flaky, buttery crust enveloping delicious filling in between can have anyone drooling already. For nights when you are craving the tenderness of pie in your mouth, My Yellow Canary compiles 6 savory pie ideas that you can include in your meal plans, ranging from seasonal choices that use up sweet potatoes, to vegan options like spring vegetable pies, to classic favorites like beef pies, which you can have anytime of the year.

Turkey Sweet Potato Sheperd’s Pie

Sweet potato is one of those versatile starches you can whip up for both savory meals—think sweet potato bean chili—and saccharine treats, like a sweet potato cake. It’s also a relevantly popular ingredient to work with for warm, comforting dishes like this Sheperd’s pie. Turkey and sweet potato combine to capture that perfect balance between sweet and salty in this pie, with turkey lending the pie its tender flavor and sweet potato rounding it off with starch-rich comfort.

BBQ Pulled Pork Pop Tarts

You know “pop tarts” to popularly contain dreamy, sugary fillings—blueberry, chocolate, you name it. Now you can have them with pulled pork sandwiched inside. These ones are actually more of hand pies with strands of pork enveloped in a juicy, savory-sweet barbecue sauce. The pie crust gives the delicious filling a flaky shell with a slight crisp. It should be noted that these hand pies keep well, too.

Beef Pot Pie

Pie is comforting—and we mean, comforting. Which is exactly what this beef pot pie is. The fat from the chuck-eye roast beef really lends a lot of flavor to the pie, and the mixture of vegetables—carrots and mushrooms mainly—make it all the more feeling. The instructions include pre-baking the filling so that the beef comes out especially tender and wonderful to eat. This pot pie will definitely have you running to your oven for your winter dinners.

Enchilada Pie

Get your enchilada fix in pie form with this enchilada pie recipe. In between corn tortillas and gooey layers of cheese are the staples: tomatoes, green chiles, ground turkey, bell pepper, and black olives, all of which are highlights of the exciting, daring Mexican cuisine, made more familiar in pie form. It produces that peppery-sweet taste, with a kick from the cumin, and goo from the cheese.

Spring Vegetable Pot Pie

Pie is heavy, especially ones filled with meat. For a lighter meal, check out this spring vegetable pot pie recipe. It uses up your spring vegetables, as it was exactly named after. Packed with vegetables like carrots, celery, fennel, peas, mushroom, and asparagus, all of which result to a refreshing dinner option. The vegetables give a hint of fresh sweetness. This pie is ideal for vegans, and can be adapted easily for meat-eaters by simply throwing in some ground chicken or turkey.

Sausage and Kale Tart

Sausage and kale in pie form, anyone? This combines the popular bitter greens and savory meat over a bed of buttery tart crust. The ingredient list includes flavoring agents such as basil and white wine, which altogether produces a sophisticated filling for this dinner tart. Mild, sweet-tasting ricotta cheese is also sprinkled over the top to balance out the rather strong flavors sausage and kale.


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