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Save More Money with These Lifestyle Changes

Save More Money with These Lifestyle Changes

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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In today’s economy it seems we’re always looking at ways to make extra money. Some opt to get a second job, which may be necessary in some cases. But before you commit to even more hours each week, it’s a good idea to look at your lifestyle. Sometimes it’s not about making more, but spending less. The following suggestions will help you save money without making drastic changes to your current schedule.


Simple Lifestyle Changes to Make Your Funds go Further

It’s important to be able to enjoy your life, and that includes purchasing items that increase your sense of wellbeing. After all, that’s why you work so hard! Don’t be afraid to go on a family outing or reward yourself occasionally with a new outfit; just be smart about your everyday choices. It’s the little things that tend to add up, without you even realising it. Incorporate some of these suggestions into your everyday life, so that you can afford the things you truly want:

Tip #1: Make Coffee or Tea at Home

Mornings are hectic, there’s no way around it. Many would prefer the convenience of getting a coffee or tea on the way to work. Maybe £3 doesn’t seem ridiculous, but let’s do some simple maths. If you’re grabbing a coffee, say, three times weekly (and some are doing it every day), that’s £9 a week. That mere £9 a week costs you £36 a month, which is £468 a year. If you’re grabbing one every day, that’s £1092 per year! Invest in a good travel mug and start using your kettle and French press more often.

Tip #2: Shop According to What’s Cheap That Week

Supermarkets always have deals on, so why not design your weekly menu around those deals? If you’re going food shopping every day you’re bound to spend more. This is why you should organise one large shopping trip per week. Focus on store marketing and TV adverts that display items you need. You should also collect store points, as these can save you a great deal on your shopping.

Tip #3: Make a Lunch for Work  

Once again, just like coffee every day, lunch adds up. In fact, buying lunch every day is even more costly. Not only do you spend a fair amount, but your options are not generally the healthiest. Plan ahead, making your lunch the night before. That way there’s no added chaos in the morning. Here are some options:

  • Make a salad, packing the dressing on the side.
  • If you make sandwiches, get creative! Choose wholegrain bread and pack it with vegetables.
  • Blend unused veg to make soup on a Sunday, portion it, then have delicious homemade soup ready for whichever day you fancy.
  • A mixture of fruit, nuts, and cheese is a great easy option for lunch or snacks.
  • Leftovers can work wonders - no need to throw food away just because you bought too much.

Tip #4: Turn it Off

This one doesn’t require you to change much within your lifestyle; you’ll just need to train yourself to be more consciously aware of electricity. When appliances are not in use, turn them off. Regardless of what’s in use, if it’s plugged in then it’s chewing up electricity! By saving on your energy bill you’ll have more to spend on life’s little luxuries. So don’t boil a full kettle to make one cup of tea; and if you’re going to run the dishwasher, ensure that it’s full. These little changes can help you afford the more enjoyable things in life.


MYC Contributor: Krista Hillis​

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