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4 Salad Bars In London For A Healthy Chow Time

4 Salad Bars In London For A Healthy Chow Time

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    Sep 21, 2016   Author : admin


Grabbing a healthy salad has never been easier or more exciting than it is right now. London is filled with amazing salad bars that offer incredible variety and top quality food you will love. Most offer lunchtime delivery service and takeaway option, as well as an extensive range of excellent, healthy ingredients to help you build up the perfect salad.  

Pure, various locations

The popular Pure restaurant is now located in a few parts of the city, such as Soho, London Bridge and Covent Garden. It offers a huge amount of variety and is an ideal place for getting a salad to take back to the office for lunch, especially as you can pre-order online.  You get to choose your salad from the wide selection of types like The Mexican, Pure Protein and Low GI

Chop'd, various locations 

At Chop'd that you also can order your tasty lunch in advance using their app. This salad bar was originally based in Leadenhall Market but has expanded to now occupy various locations across the city. They offer fresh, locally grown ingredients and you get to choose between hot and cold salads. The presentation of the lunch boxes is ideal too, making it a great choice for taking back to work with you.      

Itsu, various locations

Another terrific choice for getting a quality salad in the city comes at Itsu. This restaurant chain offers a wonderfully big choice of ingredients for you to build up your salad from. Hot and cold vegetarian food is on offer and everything is crisp and fresh. The big salad range includes tangy tuna, chicken and avocado, chicken superseed and some excellent quinoa based salads. 

Cafe Below, Cheapside

This vegetarian eatery is beautifully located in the Norman crypt of St Mary le Bow Church. It started out as a standard vegetarian restaurant but now has one of the best salad offerings in all of London. The salads are exceptional, with a carrot, celeriac and cumin combination joined by green bean, mange tout and chilli salad plus a number of other interesting creations. The setting makes it ideal for a relaxing, healthy lunch but it also offers takeaway salads and meals too.

Images:, TheWeekendNotes, Yelp | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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