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Royal Relationships in the Newly Added 'The Crown' and All That’s New on Netflix in November!

Royal Relationships in the Newly Added 'The Crown' and All That’s New on Netflix in November!

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    Nov 30, 2016   Author : admin

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From the most expensive Netflix show ever to the reboot we have all been waiting for - everything coming to Netflix this month is giving us life! So, yes this month is going to be very very busy for all of us, but when did we complain about that?

The streaming site is all set to redefine all streaming games with the new additions of shows and movies. Intrigued? Oh, you definitely should be. Here’s a sneak peek into all of the action!

The Crown

Available - November 4th

The biggest ever Netflix show is on the cards. And we are totally losing our calm! The channel has shelled out a whopping £100 million behind this ambitious project which is definitely something! Set to be a six season affair, the show kicks off its first season comprising of 10 episodes with the wedding Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The show stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith. 

The trailer already has us hooked and everything about this looks powerful and promising! 


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 

Available – 25th November

God only knows how long we have been waiting for this. It is finally time for Rory Gilmore to return to our screens. GG fans are literally screaming right now in front of their computers!

So what if it’s just 4 episodes - the 90 minutes of them are going to be seeped in nostalgia as we see our favorite characters back in their lives. And don’t we all have our favorite Rory’s potential love interests that we are waiting on to make an appearance( I’m looking at you, Jared!)? 


3% - Season 1

Available - November 25th

Interested in a new dystopian series with some political edge to it? Why not, bring it on! Being touted as the Brazilian Hunger Games and based on a hit web-series - the show is set in a world where a tiny percentage of elite live in luxury while the masses fight it off to gain the coveted position among the society’s celebrated 3%.



Available - November 18

This year’s Cannes’ gem, Divines, is a movie set in the slums of Paris’s banlieues and  the debut offering from French director uda Benyamina. The movie follows the intriguing story of two girls living it up to their fullest against the social boundaries. Definitely a must watch drama in the varied list of additions this month.


Images:  Netflix     ||  MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta


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