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Revisiting a Childhood Favourite with Independence Day: Resurgence

Revisiting a Childhood Favourite with Independence Day: Resurgence

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    Jun 24, 2016   Author : admin


All our 90s hearts are totally excited right now! Sure Independence Day might have been cheesy and no different from every 90s disaster movie ever – but it was as good as it gets back in the day. The first time we saw Will Smith descend his jet plane was a historical moment for all of us! We are bummed he won’t be reprising his role in the sequel-slash-reboot “Independence Day- Resurgence”, but that doesn’t stop us from taking the nostalgia trip decades after the original.


Here are some things that is giving us major nostalgia about Independence Day in the new movie;

Jeff Goldblum  - YAS! Jeff Goldblum was perfectly hot back in the day and one of the biggest reasons we loved Independence Day. Bringing him on board in the new film wasn’t anything short of genius, because we’ve definitely missed his stern looks for a while.

 Bill Pullman’s Speech – The President’s Speech still rings in our ears, and was easily one of the most epic soliloquies we’ve witnessed in movies ever! Clearly it was another genius idea the makers had to include it as a voice over in the trailers. Because you’re not a total 90s nerd till you can still recite the exact words to that speech- it definitely was the most epic moment of that trailer!


 More Fighter Planes – Those fighter planes definitely reminds us of the 90s classic. It’s great that even after all these years and technological advances, not to mention CGI that can create fancier combat airships, the makers decided to keep the fighter planes!

The Spaceship!  - As Jeff Goldblum aptly points out to newbie Liam Hemsworth – That freaking ship looks WAY better than the one in the original. We were kind of attached to that one (and, those scary clouds), but we are totally up for bigger and better things!

More Aliens – Even though the trailers hardly give away any clear views of the aliens – the fleeting glimpses totally remind us of those cheeky aliens in the vein of the predecessor. Of course, we are looking forward to improved aliens that look a little more real in this age, but keeping a similar prototype is more than we could have asked for.

Truth is, we really don’t care how good or bad this film turns out to be – all we care about right now is reliving the past and experiencing some badass alien action! Still, we will always miss you, Will Smith!

Images: Fox Movies | MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta 

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