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Reasons why “Me Before You” is a Film You Cannot Afford To Miss This Weekend!

Reasons why “Me Before You” is a Film You Cannot Afford To Miss This Weekend!

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    Jun 03, 2016   Author : admin


More like, reasons why you need a strong heart to go through it! Make sure those tissues are in handy – because things that need to be done, well, need to be done! Sure, we’ll be a crying wailing mess by the end of it, but that is not going to stop us from experiencing the true magical moments in life. And, Sam Claffin’s eyes – that’s there too! 

The Book Did Pretty Well, So the Movie Should Too

Did you know the movie is actually an adaptation from Jojo Moyes’s very successful 2012 novel of the same name? Move over, Nicholas Sparks, we might have a new writer tugging at our heartstrings. 

The Clarke Effect

Emilia Clarke looks absolutely like a pretty summer’s day in her bright avatar as Louisa Clarke. We are loving her departure from the powerful Khaleesi persona and transformation into a chirpy girl next door. 

Matthew Lewis!!!  - Because we never thought Neville Longbottom would be such eye candy. But, all matured and grown up, Matthew Lewis is one of the classic examples of puberty done right. Here we get to see him as Louisa’s ex-boyfriend. Hey Matthew, long time….  

Genuine Tearjerker Moments 

We can see the whole “Fault in Our Stars” drill in order again. Feeling all the feelings never seemed to be a truer statement. The movie really has some heartbreaking moments. 

And, the Heartwarming Romance 

However, all the heartache is only a side effect of the beautiful blossoming romance between Will Traynor and Louisa Clarke. It also has some true to life lessons packed in – the one where we are urged to “live life to the fullest”. That’s great advice right there, because we never know what is awaiting us. Like Louisa had no idea her care giving gig would lead into meeting Will, and both of them had no idea how they would have changed each other. Sniff! 

Sam Claffin – Seriously, is it even legal to be that good looking and charming at the same time? He seems to be doing pretty well in the acting department too. And, this might just be the most romantic role we have ever seen him in yet. Perfect treat for the weekend, we’d say! 

So yes, this is sure as hell going to be a beautiful film because even the trailer had turned us into an emotional wreck – here re-watch it before you go for the film! 

Images: Warner Bros. | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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