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Reasons to Try Glamping Instead of Camping

Reasons to Try Glamping Instead of Camping

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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Getting out of the city and going to the countryside for a short break is always a good idea but what if you don't like the idea of roughing it in a tent? The good news is that glamping is a modern way of enjoying the countryside that is fantastic for women. So why should you try it?

A Range of Fabulous Types of Accommodation

You won't spend cold, boring nights in a draughty tent if you decide to go glamping.  This is because the types of accommodation cover all sort of wonderful stuff. You could stay in a Mongolian yurt, a gypsy caravan, an eco pod or some other exciting place. This makes it perfect for trying something different and exciting.

Lots of Mod Cons 

Few women want to sleep on the cold, damp ground or try to start a fire the old fashioned way on their holidays. Thankfully, most types of glamping accommodation come with lots of mod cons. You can expect a comfortable bed, cooking facilities and heating in most of the best sites. You might also find an outdoor barbecue area, a fridge, luxury bathroom facilities and other treat. All in all, it is possible to be as comfortable while glamping as you would be in a classy hotel.

Choose your Destination

The huge growth in glamping in recent time means that you can do it in many different parts of the UK and further afield. There are amazing glamping sites all over the country, from beachside retreats in Cornwall and Suffolk to lovely remote getaways in Wales and Scotland. Plenty of them are within easy travelling distance of London as well. If you want to get away from the stresses of the big city but want to feel comfortable and pampered then this could be a fine choice of trip to make.


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