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5 Reasons Why Cauliflower is the New Healthy Food Alternative

5 Reasons Why Cauliflower is the New Healthy Food Alternative

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    Jun 17, 2016   Author : admin


Let's be honest, we've all had our fair share of wanting to try out a healthy food option every now and then to fit our hectic and stressful lifestyle (and we're guilty as charged!). We even looked forward to trying out all these diet trends that are going to be popular this 2016. However, the search for the ultimate healthy food alternative continues. And finally, we found something that has been right in front of us all along: Cauliflower.

The cauliflower vegetable is used in almost all sorts of food recipes imaginable; from soups, salads, pastas, steaks and more. It is mostly used as a design to make the food look appetizing and not as a healthy ingredient... until recently. Food blogs and websites have been posting tons of new recipes as of late that highlight the prowess of the cauliflower veggie; it consists of cancer-fighting antioxidants which helps fight off toxins in our body. In addition, cauliflower is also rich in vitamin C, anti-inflamatory properties, digestion-relieving fiber and protein. It's basically a super ingredient which you can add to any of your meal. Despite being incredibly versatile, cauliflower is surprisingly low in calories which makes it even more desirable in terms of being a healthy food alternative.

Looking to overhaul your diet? Substitute it with cauliflower instead... and see the difference. Below, we give you 5 reasons to incorporate it into your daily diet pronto:

Reason #1: Substituting your normal rice with cauliflower rice helps to add fiber in your body which is basically a necessity to fight off toxins. Minimalist Baker suggests that you add more servings of vegetables into your day by making this "Cauliflower Rice" recipe. Trust that your stomach won't feel as heavy compared to when you're eating rice.

See full recipe from Minimalist Baker.

And here's a cauliflower rice recipe from @pestleandmortar1 via Instagram:

A photo posted by Eat Fresh Feel Great (@pestleandmortar1) on

Reason #2: Potatoes in the morning? Nah. Substitute it with cauliflower instead? Yes, please. If you want your morning meal to be less carby especially when you're eating an egg dish, then make sure to use cauliflower as an alternative to your carb-filled potatoes. This "Cauliflower Hash Topped with Fried Egg" recipe from Tasty Kitchen makes for a perfect (and delicious) brekki before you head to work.

See full recipe from Tasty Kitchen.

Reason #3: A thick and creamy Paleo breakfast cereal that's literally made of cauliflower is probably one superfood you can never resist in the morning. It's grain-free, rich in fiber and loaded with vitamins; what more can you ask for? We're especially loving this "Paleo Cauliflower and Spinach Breakfast Bread" recipe from Going Cavewoman which is a nutritious, low calorie breakfast bread. You can top it with anything such as eggs, sausage or turkey bacon, and you'll still feel energized and healthy.

See full recipe from Going Cavewoman.

Reason #4: You will now have a reason to binge-eat pizza all day, everyday... only if it's made of cauliflower. You might find this a little bit disappointing at first, but replacing the usual pizza crust with cauliflower will ultimately lead you to realize that the sauce and cheese and sausage tastes better when you don't use the carbo-loaded crust. Learn how to make the perfect cauliflower pizza crust from Detoxinista. Hey, it's still pizza! Only better and healthier.

See full recipe from Detoxinista.

Reason #5: Nothing better than a delicious mashed cauliflower greeting you in the morning before you head to work. We all want potatoes for a side dish, because honestly, they taste delicious. But once you've tried cauliflower, trust that you're never looking back. This mashed cauliflower recipe according to I Breathe I'm Hungry blog, tastes "better than potatoes". And we agree. 

See full recipe from I Breathe I'm Hungry.

So... have we convinced you yet?

Images: I Breathe I'm Hungry, Detoxinista, Going Cavewoman, Tasty Kitchen, Minimalist Baker | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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