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Rad Gifts on Father's Day this Year

Rad Gifts on Father's Day this Year

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    Jun 10, 2016   Author : admin

Because we love our dads so much, we celebrate a special occasion each year to showcase how much they mean to our lives! And while it's easy to greet them a Happy Father's Day, it's a different story when you find them gifts that will truly captivate their heart. From wallets, pyjamas to shirts, our gift picks below will speak volumes and will truly put a smile on your dad's face:

Ted Baker Bigcol Wallet And Card Holder Gift Set, £52.00: What better way to delight your dad than by gifting him with a brand spankin' new wallet from Ted Baker? This bi-fold wallet features a plain but 100% leather design which is suitable for all sorts of things such as notes, cards and of course, cash. Sneak this in to his desk this Father's Day and see the grin on your dad's face.

Polo Ralph Lauren Short-Sleeve Crew-Neck T-Shirt, £45.00: Nothing quite like a simple tee from Ralph Lauren. This 100% cotton shirt looks perfect for the young dad's out there who are just as stylish as your moms. Features a nice comfortable fit with a simple but stylish design.

Hugo Boss Classic Kimono Robe, £95.00: Bathrobes are pretty essential at home, so why not gift your dad or your husband a little something that he can use pretty much everyday in real life? This piece from Hugo Boss is made from 100% cotton and is a stylish addition to his bathroom essential.

Howick Tailored Leather Stitched Belt, £25.00: Because dads everywhere needs belt like we need lipstick. This sturdy piece from Howick features a plain design with buckle and is in a standard width. It is made from 100% buff leather so you're sure it'll last him for years.

Cross Century Fountain Pen Ball Set, £57.50: Dads need a pen to write their business meetings, their notes and of course, their love letters to your mom. So for Father's Day, why not gift your dad this pen ball set from Cross Century. It has a lifetime mechanical guarantee from the brand and is the perfect gifting solution to your dad's office needs. 

Emma Bridgewater Black Toast Fathers Day 1/2 Pint Mug Boxed, £19.95: This mug from Emma Bridgewater says it all. Put a smile on his face by giving him something he can use to pour in his coffee. 

Calvin Klein Eric Plaid Woven Pant, £35.00: Pyjamas are an essential part of a man's wardrobe, too. This plaid woven pyjama bottoms from Calvin Klein is made from 100% cotton so you're sure that your dad can sleep freely and comfortably with ease.

PRYMA Leather Over-Ear Headphones, £379.99: And for dad's who are in love with music, this headphones from PRYMA is going to be a dream come true. It features a world-class sound quality with high-end style and has been crafted in Italy with love and precision. It is a uniquely customisable accessory.

Images:, HouseOfFraser, Selfridges | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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