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Pre and Post Workout Snacks to Give You the Boost

Pre and Post Workout Snacks to Give You the Boost

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    Mar 07, 2016   Author : admin


We look for something to gulp or munch to boost our energy before and bounce back after the intense workout. It’s a mistake to believe that there must be different snacks for different types of workout. The diet experts say our choice must depend not on the workout type, but rather on how hard and how long we are going to sweat.

For making our workout as much effective as possible, we need to charge our body with energy before (what carbs do perfectly) and help our muscles to repair them after (what is protein’s responsibility). But the scheme is more complex than just munching carbs before and falling on proteins after the workout – here are some secrets you need to know. 

Pre-workout Snacks

Your choice of snacks must depend on how soon you plan to start your workout. The sooner your workout is, the faster the carbs must be. Banana is a cool snack, but it requires plenty of time for being digested to provide energy-boosting sugars to the destination – your muscles. That’s why, if your workout is sooner than 1 hour, your choice would be a sports drink and an amino acid supplement. 

If you have 1-2 hours before a workout, your snack choice would be a banana, an egg, some cheese wrapped in flatbread, a tomato or a cup of Greek yogurt. A half cup of berries and a spoon of flaxseed are also great.

Post-workout Snacks

Your snack choice must depend on how intensive your workout was and how soon you are going to eat your main meal. After a workout, our body really craves for carbs to replenish our exhausted stores of energy, but we should be wise to not go over the quota. 

Liquid nutritious drinks are perfect snack options right after the workout. You can gulp a cup of chocolate milk or a cup of regular milk with your dose of protein powder or a sports drink with your amino acid supplement. The liquid form of these snacks allows them to be digested much faster, so the restoring processes start immediately, and your muscles get the necessary support. But don’t forget you must eat a real meal packed with proteins and carbohydrates no later than 2 hours after the workout! 

The secret of perfect snack choice is hidden in the intensity of the workout itself. If you have been running for 20 minutes, don’t think you are now allowed to gorge on 2 snack bars.

Fasting Is the Worst Snack!

Girls are so prone to making this mistake: they fast in the morning before the workout thinking that this will help them to get rid of more pounds! The study shows it won’t help. Even the opposite: being hungry, you won’t have enough energy for an intense workout and as a result – for effective weight loss. 

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