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Plant Based Protein vs. Meat Based Protein

Plant Based Protein vs. Meat Based Protein

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    Sep 16, 2015   Author : admin


There are a number of different foods that you provide the protein that your body needs. There are differences between these different types of protein however. One of the big arguments amongst health experts is whether plant based or meat based proteins are healthier for you.

Plant Based Protein

Some of the best plant based proteins are lentils, hemp seeds, chia seeds, quinoa, yeast and nuts. Each of these provides a variety of different levels of protein, but why is it good for you? Plant based proteins are lower in saturated fat which means that you’ll have a lower risk of heart disease in the future. They’re also free of a lot of hormones that are often injected into animals. Also, they’re better for the environment, aid in digestion and help with forming alkaline. 

For those who are vegetarian or vegan it’s important to get plenty of protein from plants. You’ll also be able to get some additional fiber from plants that isn’t found in most meat products. 

Meat Based Protein

Meat includes a larger amount of protein than most plants. It also contains a number of additional benefits such as amino acids, low carb count and high calorie content. All of these contribute to your overall health as well, making you feel better and actually live better as well. Meat based proteins are typically found in meats with zinc and iron which will improve your red blood cell count.

Meat products help you get plenty of vitamins and minerals that are not found in other areas as well. Though plants contain a large number of vitamins as well, there are generally different types in meat products.

Best of the Best

For many, who prefer vegetarian or even vegan diets, getting protein from plants is essential. These individuals are not capable of getting their protein in any other way. But what about for those who do eat meat? Is it better to get protein out of meat or out of plant products? The benefits that are offered by both make it difficult to say. Each option has its benefits so the best thing to do is to include a little of each. Getting protein in some form is extremely important, no matter if you choose plant or meat based proteins.


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