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Planning to Visit the U S Of A this Summer? Check these Off Your Bucketlist

Planning to Visit the U S Of A this Summer? Check these Off Your Bucketlist

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    May 27, 2016   Author : admin

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Have you seen the bright lights of New York City? Caught waves on some of Los Angeles famous beaches? Looking for your new stateside adventure? Add these 5 cities to your places to visit list – they offer up heavy doses of adventure without the heavy doses of "touristy".

Are you ready? Jet, set go!


Yes, we all know Nashville is the best place to dance up a storm, but there’s more to Music City then the tunes. Trade your cowboy boots for hiking boots and explore the lush nature surrounding the city – from lush natural parks to upwards of 200 waterfalls. My personal favorite is the breathtaking Burgess falls – you can dip in the mermaid lagoon at the base of the falls. Needless to say, Nashville is also home to some of the best food around.  Try the hot chicken sandwich – the chicken is smothered in cayenne and popped in the fryer for a sandwich with a knock-your-socks-off kick.


8-mile references aside, Detroit has a burgeoning art community like no other. The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit is home to some of the most groundbreaking works in the United States. Stop by the Detroit Museum of Art to see a world-class collection of Rembrandts, Van Goghs, Matisses, and Picassos. The annual Public Art Festival, which takes place from April 10th – 14th, brings artists from all over the world to create large scale public installations. Swing by the Motown museum and see where Marvin Gaye conjured up hit after hit. Detroit is also home to four professional sports teams so any sports fan (or bored boyfriend or brother,) will be as happy as a clam. 


Breathe in the thick desert air and enjoy hot air balloon rides (do it!), head out on a bike ride or check out the aerial tram up the mountains. Catch a taste of the wickedly delicious New Mexican cuisine – locally grown chiles are perfect to add a serious kick to any dish, and for the less brave of us (like me,) try a sweet or savory sopapille (a dougy pastry filled that can be filled with any ingredient your heart may desire.) Albuquerque also has a great brewery scene – you can spend the entire day hopping from local brew to local brew (I recommend not biking to this activity!) Red Door Brewery has debatably the best cider on this side of the pond, Tractor Brewing Company has a full arsenal of pale ales and wheat beers, and the Santa Fe Brewing Co is the best place to kick up your boots on a Friday night.

San Diego

For beach bums and city slickers alike, San Diego is the place to be. The laid-back vibes combined with a huge variety of interesting attractions make it perfect for any period of town. Old Town District is full of cute cantinas and historical charm. The zoo is fun for the whole family – with every animal under the sun, the zoo also boasts a giraffe feeding hour where the beasts will feed right out of your hand. There is no shortage of blissful beaches either, from the tranquil Torrey Pines to the touristy La Jolla, there is a spot for surfers and beach bums alike.

Portland (Maine)

No, it doesn’t have a TV show named after it, but Portland, Maine is a refreshing getaway in it’s own right. The freshest seafood (I swooned at all the fresh oysters)and scenic lake views are perfect for the whole family, or a romantic couples retreat.

Images:, | MYC Writer: Kate Dingwall 

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