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The Perks of Dating Mature Men

The Perks of Dating Mature Men

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    Jun 01, 2016   Author : admin

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Age does not really matter when it comes to love. But if dating guys your age has become a constant disappointment then maybe it's time for you try something different. Going out with younger men may sound more exciting, but believe it or not, dating a mature man is so much better, and here are some reasons why….

He Doesn’t play Games

“Will he call again?,” “Does he really like me?,” “Is he into me or not?” These are the questions we girls ask ourselves, after going out on a date with a guy our age. On the other hand, a mature man will never leave you guessing. If he wants to see you again after your first date, then he will text or call you up the very next day. It’s that simple! I guess through time, he has grown tired of following the rules of dating and of waiting for the right time to call, so he just goes for it because he knows what he wants. 

He is a Charmer

A mature guy already knows who he is and what he can offer. He is persistent and he does not easily give up, even if you turn him down the first time he asks you out. You can take him with you anywhere and he will be able to charm everyone he meets. He knows how to blend in because he has probably been through all the awkward encounters before. Even your family will love him. 

He will Make Time For You

A mature guy will make time for you, no matter what. At his prime, he has already reached the peak his career, so he is no longer working to get ahead or trying to find the right path to take. You will never have to play second best to his job or to his career. And he will never neglect you nor keep you waiting.

He will Spoil You

He would wine and dine you. He would shower you with gifts and he would definitely not ask you to split the bill on your dates. At his age, he is already financially stable, so he can spoil you and treat you like his queen. Most guys of his generation were raised to be gentlemen so they know how to give a lady the royal treatment.

He Listens

A mature man will make you want to speak your mind. He is fascinated by your stories and it makes him feel young again to be with you. Unlike younger men, who usually just pretend to be listening, a mature man is actually turned on by your enthusiasm as you speak to him. You will find it refreshing to be with someone who actually listens to every word, and remembers the important details of what you say.

He Will Make Love To You

Unlike younger guys, a mature man will not have sex just for fun. To him, intimacy is a great experience and he intends to savor every moment of it. He will kiss you gently, hold you passionately and look you in the eyes as you make love. And even if you do not shave your privates, he will still gladly go down on you. Best of all, he will not hesitate to tell you just how sexy he thinks you are.

He Will Teach You Things

A mature guy can take you to places you have never been to, and he can show you things that you have never seen before. Just as, much as he loves learning new things from you. He will be more than eager to teach you things and share with you all the great experience he has had in his life. 

He Is A Keeper

A mature man has probably been in and out of relationships before. He is done playing games. When he goes into a relationship, he works hard to keep it together. Just like any guy, he may get jealous at times, but he knows how to handle each situation and how to control his emotions. With him, there will be less drama and complications in your relationship. You are assured that he will not do anything to hurt you.

Images:, | MYC Writer: Sheila Noreen L. Gamo

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