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Perk Up Your Make-Up this Summer

Perk Up Your Make-Up this Summer

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    May 25, 2015   Author : admin

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Brighter days are coming because summer has officially arrived. But while some of us are still waiting for the warmer weather to come and let us play under the sunny skies, all of us can still look forward to an auroral season ahead. Fashion week season for Summer/Summer 2015 all focused on light and “barely there” palettes with a few statement-making hues that truly captivates what summer is all about. This summer, perk up your make-up routine with some new ideas to try below:

Tip #1: Go for a “barely there” look.

Nothing is more icky than having your make-up melt in front of everyone to see due to warm weather. There’s no better way to remedy this fact than by opting for a “barely there” look. Since summer is all about fresh and a dewy aura, letting your inner natural glow is a must in order to shun a beauty mishap. Just highlight your eyebrows and keep everything else bare to a minimum for that fuss-free touch.

Tip #2: Find a new shade of lipstick to abuse.

Like, literally. Discovering a new lipstick shade to use for months to come is an exciting project for most of us. It gives us an excuse to head to the beauty section of a department store and give ourselves time to venture into the land of lipstick and beyond. What the beauty experts suggest is that we go for bright hues such as pink or orange for that fun pop of color a la Rihanna.

Tip #3: Make your eyes a statement.

One more thing we love about summer? An excuse to flaunt statement-making trends such as a pop of color in the eyes. If a barely there look isn’t your cup of tea, then go all-out in terms of your eyeshadow. Colorful eye makeup was all the rage from New York to Paris during the Summer/Summer 2015 fashion week. Yes, we’re reeling over Elie Saab and John Galliano’s flashy smokey eye.

Images via Pinterest | Written by MYC Contributor

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