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Olly Murs Hints at Plans to Leave The X Factor

Olly Murs Hints at Plans to Leave The X Factor

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    Nov 27, 2015   Author : admin

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Right when we thought things couldn’t go anymore awry at The X Factor camp, Olly Murs has been dropping hints about his probable exit from the show! The singer recently talked about his future plans and his future and said, “I’d like to do next year. But I’ll have to look at my music. I’m writing a new album and when I make these decisions I’ve always got to look at my music.”

As this comes just a week after the massive gaffe on air where he mistakenly announced contestant Monica Michael had been eliminated without the official notification, it does make us a little doubtful and nervous about his return to the show next season. Murs has been a popular host on the show but the blunder has cost him receiving some major slack from critics and audiences who have even pointed out that the talent show might in fact be fixed.

However, the singer almost immediately took to social media to apologize for his mistake and has had a portion of his fan following to his support. Olly has also refused to be bogged down by the negative comments and has hit back appropriately by pointing out how his honest mistake was “massively blown out of proportion”. At the TV Gala he said, “I had no idea Monica was going until I got the envelope. And it was just a really awkward moment for me because I made a stupid mistake.”

Fortunately, Murs has show judge Simon Cowell and former host Dermot O’Leary backing him up in the face of all the backlash. While Cowell has been very vocal about his support for Olly and has commended him on his calmly handling the situation. He said, “Anyone in that situation is going to screw up. I think the way he handled it was great, it’s part of his charm.”

Well, looks like Olly Murs fans have no choice but to keep their fingers crossed and hope everything turns out right by next season. But, as of now it seems like it can go either way!


Image:, | MYC Entertainment Writer: Soma Dutta

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