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News Bulletin: 29/5/2015

News Bulletin: 29/5/2015

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    May 28, 2015   Author : admin



  • The first Conservative Queen's Speech in nearly two decades. As it happened. 
  • David Cameron and Vladimir Putin agreed to resume talks to stop ISIS and find a solution to the war in Syria.
  • David Cameron vs. Nicola Sturgeon: Time to stop talking and start acting.


  • Russia responds to NATO’s military drills by carrying off exercises in the Artic region.
  • The US investigates FIFA, nine senior officials arrested.
  • Mathematician John Nash, who had an Oscar-winning film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ based on his life, died in a car crash.

Finance/Business (UK vocabulary)

  • Private company SpaceX allowed to launch US military and spy satellites.
  • Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech resigns after a power competition with VW’s chief executive Martin Winterkorn.
  • New survey concludes: Switzerland is 'world's happiest' country. Is it because of chocolate?




This time in History

  • May 27: in 1941, the British navy sinks the German battleship Bismarck in the North Atlantic near France. 
  • May 25: in 1977, George Lucas’ blockbuster Star Wars movies hit American theaters.
  • May 24: in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River was opened, connecting the two cities New York and Brooklyn for the first time in history.


Images via Xinhua/Landov/Barcroft Media

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