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News Bulletin: 12/6/2015

News Bulletin: 12/6/2015

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  • EU referendum is rigged by David Cameron, two ex cabinet ministers say. Both ministers served under Cameron.
  • David Cameron vs Argentina president Cristina Fernandez: the debate over Falklands. Mr Cameron is ‘ill manered’.
  • Pictures of royal siblings: Prince George kisses his sister Princess Charlotte.


  • New documents prove FIFA corruption. Bidding for 2026 World Cup is suspended. 
  • Fight against ISIS: Contradictions between the U.S. and Iraqi statements. Is Baiji free from ISIS or not?
  • Syria war: Rebels “fully liberate” a major army base from the regime army.

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This time in History

  • June 12: in 1987, President Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down” the Berlin Wall. The speech is among the most famous Cold War speeches.
  • June 8: in 1968, African American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr’s assassin, James Earl Ray, was arrested in London.
  • June 7: in 1913, Hudson Stuck performed the first successful ascent of Mt. McKinley, the highest point on the American continent.


Images via Duchess of Cambridge via PA, Steffen Schmidt/Keystone via AP | MYC Bulletin Writer Polina Tikhonova


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