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New Year's Eve Decadent Party Ideas

New Year's Eve Decadent Party Ideas

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    Dec 30, 2015   Author : admin

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What better way to end the year (and kick off 2016) than by cooking up delicious recipes your family, friends and loved ones will love! From burritos, cheese balls to a French wine, we've got everything covered. Check out some New Year's Eve recipes you can try while partying at home... or somewhere else:

Start the last day of 2015 with a healthy dish like this "Brian's Breakfast Nachos". All it takes is some sausage patties, Mexican blend cheese, tortilla chips, slices of bacon and some salsa. A perfect recipe to kick off your day with delight!

For a satisfying and comforting breakfast, whip up this amazing "Breakfast Burrito Ala Idaho" recipe. It's quick and easy to make which will make the morning even more satisfying.

This "Ultimate Quesadillas" recipe is going to be a crowd favourite, trust us. With its gooey melted cheese, uber sweet chillies and tortillas, this fingerfood is definitely one that's going to liven up the party... and the drinks.

If you can serve them three, why serve them one? Whip up this "Cheese Balls Three Ways" dessert recipe by Martha Stewart for an impressive platter on New Year's Eve. It's delicious and festive at the same time.

Serve your New Year's Eve dinner with love with this "Classic Pot Roast" which makes for eight servings, notch. While it may take a few hours to prepare and cook, the result is satisfyingly delicious. Get ready to receive a lot of compliments for this dish!

Add a hint of history to your wine with this "French 75" named after the French-made 75-millimeter guns.. This drink was said to have devised by the American soldiers in the World War I days, hence, the name. Since the soldiers didn't have much to choose from as ingredients, they used what was available: gin, lemons and a sprinkle of champagne.

Liven up your New Year's Eve party with this "Pimped-Up Prosecco" drink recipe. It's the easiest cocktail drink there is, and can be mixed with fruits, juices and other flavour combos. The perfect drink to kick off 2016.


Images: JamieOliver, MarthaStewart,, FoodNetwork | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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