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Netflix's Making A Murder: A Show Everybody Is Talking About

Netflix's Making A Murder: A Show Everybody Is Talking About

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    Feb 08, 2016   Author : admin

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When Making A Murderer was launched on Netflix earlier this month, people expected it to be just another of the many Netflix documentaries. Instead, Making A Murderer hit hard home and sparked a mini community of drawing room internet sleuths, making conspiracy theorists out of regular binge-watchers! Everybody seems to be talking about this newest docu-series in the block. But, what is it exactly about Making A Murderer that is making such a huge impact on people’s minds and creating what might be the biggest pop culture stir in recent memory? 

It’s because this crime docu-series stands out as a real-life thriller that’s keeping viewers at the edge of their seats as the true events from the Steven Avery case and wrongful conviction is unraveled the 10 part series. In true mystery and courtroom drama style format the series gives a glimpse of the flawed system and a gruesome murder case. But, what makes it compelling and absorbing to this extent is the disturbing fact that what can easily qualify as a twisted and engaging script of a crime film is actually not fiction at all. It is the reality of it all that is causing the social media to be flooded with exasperated comments over the unbelievable miscarriage of law.  

If you still haven’t gotten around to watching the series, here’s what it is about – With video footage spanning a decade, Making A Murderer tells the story of Steven Avery, a Wisconsin resident, suddenly finds himself convicted for sexual assault charges and serves 18 years in prison for a crime not committed by him. After his release in yet another series of bizarre turn of events Avery stands accused again, this time for the gruesome murder of 25 year old journalist Teresa Halbach, while the makers of the series seem to be convinced of his innocence. 

Not only does Avery’s story make for seriously addictive viewing, it has also the netizens going abuzz trying to solve the mysteries involved and fitting in the jigsaw pieces. Among all the questions that are flying around the one that is the most pressing is – If Avery is innocent, who could be the real murderer? The theories seem to be pouring in by the minute.  Amongst most interesting suspect theories by Redditers and Youtubers the top suspect names seem to be Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych, Officer Colburn, and Teresas's Ex-Boyfriend among others.  Here's what a YouTube video on theories has to say:

Image: Netflix | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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