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Netflix in January: Binging In the New Year in Style!

Netflix in January: Binging In the New Year in Style!

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    Jan 15, 2016   Author : admin


If your New Year resolutions include “watching more Netflix” – someone out there must be listening to your prayers. Loads of news brewing in at our favorite streaming site (most of it good) and some kickass titles are in order. Wondering what they are? Here’s a list of the best of what’s coming to Netflix this January!

Sherlock - Season 3 

About time we had this on our viewing list. If you missed The Abonimable Bride on TV, don’t be too disappointed because now you can binge watch Season 3 to heart’s content till the next season releases – or the Christmas Special is added to Netflix sometime soon! And, you can unlock the secret of Sherlock’s death in this one if you’re still wondering how he faked it. 

The Good Wife -  Season 6 

The series about a former state attorney’s wife taking on the work of a litigator after her husband gets convicted for a sex scandal – has been not only receiving rave reviews but has also found a cult following. Watch Season 6 of The Good wife on Netflix this month.  

Chelsea Does Season 1 

The ever witty Chelsea Handler takes over Netflix with her four part documentary taking a dig at marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs. Also, starring Willie Nelson and Al Shrapton, the Chelsea Does series premiers on 23rd January! 

Shadow hunters: The Mortal Instruments 

Complete with vampires, warlocks and werewolves the new 13 part fantasy series that are an adaptation of popular YA books called the Mortal Instruments. Expect this to be a wildride as protagonist Clary takes on the demon world in the search of her mother! 

Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino’s legendary offering Pulp Fiction comes to Netflix – and what could be better news than that? If you haven’t watched this cult gem starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson, here’s you chance!

The Amazing Spiderman 

The 2012 version of Spiderman movies which jumpstarted the new era of the superhero film with Andrew Garfield taking on the suit! Watch Peter Parker take on the Dr. Curt Connor in a hair rising battle. Also starring Emma Stone as the affable Gwen Stacy.

Like we said, a lot is happening – but all good things have a downside too. In this case here are some of the amazing titles we are bidding goodbye to this month:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Dead Man Walking

Kill Bill: Volume I


The Rainmaker 

So which are the titles are you planning to kick-start your binge-watching year with? 


Images: PBS, BBC, CBS, Netflix, ShadowHuntersTV, Miramax, Collider | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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